Issue 11/2021

Editor Matthew Aldridge writes:

COP26 is now behind us, and the work starts now on real practical ways to help the environment. All igus customers know that there is a huge immediate benefit to changing to igus motion plastics; the total elimination of lubrication. You can read about this at our sustainability page here Last week igus UK launched yet another environmental initiative, cable recycling. As well as being an eco-friendly way to recycle your used cables, the money raised will be used to plant trees in collaboration with the National Trust,

My message to you remains the same: if you have moving parts on your machine, then it is likely that we can save you time and money. Throughout 2021 my offer of samples still stands, so email me with the details of your requirements and, I promise I will give it my urgent attention. This applies to bearings, linear guides, cable chains and flexible cables, the samples are free and you could save a lot of money.

With best regards

Matthew Aldridge

Matthew Aldridge

You can always automate

cost-effectively with motion plastics®

A complete linear gantry for a giant 3D printer, or a lightweight stand-alone cobot, or telescopic e-chains used in automotive production robots, wherever there is motion and automation, then motion plastics keeps lubrication out and costs down.

This newsletter will show you the latest parts that we have developed to push forward motion plastics technology, and you can also download white papers to go deeper into different subjects.

Enjoy reading!

IMPS igus® motion plastics® show

With all 2021 innovations

With all 2021 new products and having received the iF Design Award: our physical/virtual trade show stand has been freshly smartened up for your visit.


Whenever you want, you can explore it on your own. Or you can get one of your igus® specialists to show you the new products personally.

motion plastics® News

Plastic cobot

Lightest cobot in the world
Our new plastic cobot weighs in at just ten kilograms. It features low costs, low maintenance requirements, and simple operation, therefore enabling even start-ups and small companies to use innovative service robotics. ReBeL® industrial and service robots


No cable kinking
The new SCARA cable solution was developed specifically for high dynamics on SCARA robots. It consists of ball-bearing-mounted swivel joints and an e-rib to stabilise the corrugated hose and prevent the cables from kinking.SCARA cable solution


Up to 40% length compensation
The telescopic triflex® TRX combines the energy chain and a retraction system. The length compensation prevents loop formation at the robot. The round shape is resilient and makes it easy to insert and remove harnessed cables. triflex® TRX robot chain

RBTXpert – Free live video consultation
We record your requirements, check the feasibility, determine the fixed price and create a parts list. We also provide 
remote assistance. Select a live consultation appointment now

Where is igus® hiding?


A house from a 3D printer
A house from a 3D printer? This has been realistic for a long time. In the mobile 3D printer for the production of facade elements
a three-dimensional portal is used in which the x and y axes are implemented with drylin® toothed belt units and the z axis with drylin® spindlenut systems.

Get to know the whole application here

Practical tips and knowledge

10 tips for robot energy supply

10 tips for robot energy supply
6-axis robots are often used in automated production lines set up and commissioned on site. Medium-sized companies are increasingly using these robots in stand-alone applications – and asking themselves the following question: how should the energy, signal and the pneumatic supply be implemented on the robot arm? 

Whitepaper with 10 tips available for free here

Toothed belt or lead screw drive

Toothed belt or lead screw drive: how do I select the right linear module?
Accuracy, speed and speed limitation are just a few criteria that influence linear module selection. What are the advantages of lead screw drive systems, and how do they differ from toothed belt drives?

Find the answers in the white paper

ROIBOT – award for clever automation solutions

ROIBOT banner

Have you optimised your processes with a Low Cost Robotics application and igus® components? Then apply now for the igus® ROIBOT Award!

An independent panel of expert judges from research, specialist press, and manufacture will evaluate the concepts. Here, ingenuity and clever ideas for improvement will play a particularly important role.
The deadline is 30th April 2022.

motion plastics® in automotive production


Reducing maintenance cost and effort in automotive production
The degree of automation is continuously increasing, especially in automotive production. Collaborating robot arms for assembly and welding work are in continuous use, as are all the components that supply them with data and energy. 

Compact industry knowledge available here


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