Issue 12/2020

Editor Matthew Aldridge writes:

Rockin’ around the Christmas tree
At the Christmas party hop
Mistletoe hung where you can see
Every couple tries to stop

Sliding along, on a machine
Your drylin needs no oil
Guiding that cable, trouble-free
e-chains are fitted to all

You will get a sentimental feeling when you are enthusiastic about motion plastics,
Configure online its really fantastic

Rockin’ around the Christmas tree
Have a happy holiday
Order online, deliver on-time
It’s always been our way

Have a wonderful Christmas break, I look forward to working with you in 2021, best wishes,

Matthew Aldridge

Know the condition of a machine even when working from home.

Condition monitoring or predictive maintenance – smart plastics can do both

With smart plastics technology from igus®, it is now very easy to remotely monitor parts that are relevant for the life of a machine, such as energy supply systems, cables, hoses or bearings.

Or the intelligent elements themselves directly indicate when they have to be maintained.

Try it for yourself.

Many projects all over the world are the driving force behind innovations. Today, we present some of them.

Enjoy reading.

Production machines for bread can also be
monitored from the breakfast table thanks to
smart plastics. Read the whole story here. 

Expert knowledge in a white paper

Condition monitoring or predictive maintenance?

Whitepaper smart plastics

In our white paper, you can find out about the following:

What does condition monitoring mean (i.Sense)?

What does predictive maintenance (i.Cee) include?

What technology is behind both systems?

What do the two systems have to offer with regard to energy supply in industry?

3 out of 9 new smart plastics products for autumn

World first | Additive manufacturing
Intelligent 3D printed tribo-components
Printed components indicate the need for maintenance and warn against overloading. The sensor system is printed directly into the component for the first time. This not only results in low costs but also in extremely short delivery times, while making Industry 4.0 options available as well.
3D isense | More information


New | LoRa receiver & Antenna
Multiple asset connection without switch cabinet

The no longer needs to be kept in the machine’s switch cabinet and, in accordance with IP68, offers the possibility of data transmission by means of the LoRa radio transmission standard. | More information


New | Lifelong condition monitoring
LoRa separator with solar power supply

No more bothersome battery changing. Communication of the sliding feeder’s degree of abrasion to the or by means of the LoRa radio transmission standard.
EC.W LoRa separator | More information

More than 120 new products for autumn
Now is innovation time: find out about all the new products online – whether in the interactive catalogue, guided personally through the unique physical-cum-virtual trade show stand or online on our website.

Find out about all the 2020 new products here

Further smart plastics in use


No more failures in the 200m long train washing station
The aim was to enable monitoring of each individual energy chain. In the e-chains®, which are designed for long travels, smart plastics components measure the status of each energy chain with regard to force expenditure and wear without any interruption of operation. As soon as replacement is necessary … Continue reading

Free brochure

All smart plastics, clear & compact

Broschure smart plastics


  • Condition monitoring (i.Sense)
  • Condition monitoring products
  • Condition monitoring application examples
  • Predictive maintenance (i.Cee)
  • Application examples for predictive maintenance
  • How does data flow in the case of predictive maintenance?


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