Lucky 13: key features of igus® triflex® R chain

igus® triflex® R energy chain was designed to be used for robotic applications due to the harsh, challenging environment that robots need to be able to withstand. This design allows motion control in all axes and a complete cable protection system, whilst ensuring the smooth flexible movement associated with robotics.

There are 13 key points to understanding the benefits to this system. Below highlights these in small moving images:

1: “Easy” design- this design, as the name suggests, is for quick assembly and allows cables to be added easily. Cables and hoses can simply be pressed into the chain using your thumb. This cuts assembly time by up to 80%, which eliminates downtime.

2: High tensile force absorption- triflex® R can withstand up to 1000N in force making it able to absorb high forces in high accelerations. Due to the trailer mechanism, the links remain together at all times, even with high force.

3: Defined minimum bending radius-triflex® R chains are rated with a defined minimum bending radius. This ensures that neither cables nor hoses are excessively pinched and damaged as a result. This increases the application’s operational reliability and the service life of cables and hoses.

4: Torsion stop dog on each chain link-in layman’s terms, this means that the torsion load on the cable is minimised. Each triflex® link has a torsion stop. This distributes the torsion that occurs in robot applications across the entire chain length and increases the service life of hoses and cables.

5: TRC, the “enclosed” design-the TRC group is a completely closed design triflex® chain, which protects the cables and hoses enclosed against media and dirt.

6: Outside bending radius stop dogs-outside bending radius stop dogs provide max. radius stability, and reliably protect cables and hoses. In order to protect cables from breaking and keep the inside free of interfering edges, the bend radii stop dogs must be on the outside and highly stable.

7: Modular system for convenient shortening and extending-easy assembly/disassembly.Thanks to the modular design, the triflex® R can be lengthened or shortened as required. This provides for maximum flexibility however it is installed.

8: Available as an ESD version-for ESD or E protection areas, TRE + TRC variants are also available in “conductive” material. Tried and tested in numerous applications. This allows the triflex® to be utilised in applications such as cleanrooms.

9: Impact and abrasion-resistant-both the TRE and TRC are suitable for applications where the robot has to succumb to demanding environments.

10: Standard mounting bracket with strain relief-to allow cables and hoses to be easily strain relieved, the triflex® R has mounting brackets with strain relief tie wrap plates. The mounting brackets are simple and can be easily opened and closed by hand.

11: Mounting bracket as intermediate connection-the “connections” can be used as an extension link and can ensure the triflex® is secure at any point in the chain.

12: Robot configuration tool-as with all igus® products, the robot configurator is a vital and integral part of designing the best products for your application. Which system will work best for your robot?

13: A host of cables available-igus® has over 100 CFRobot cables that are available from stock and with no cutting charge. You have the option of a fully harnessed system, complete with connectors or as a ready- to- install readychain® system.

The igus® triflex® range has one intention and that is to prolong the life of the cables and hoses that supply data and energy to your robots. Let igus® make your life easy, install triflex® R into your robot application.

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