The who’s who of the igus® 3D filaments

The 3D printing market is growing everyday and igus® now has 9 different filament materials. The thing that makes us stand apart from other 3D printed materials, is that our tribo-filaments are up to 50 times more wear-resistant than standard materials on the market, making them suitable to be used as moving parts with low friction and long-life properties. Here is an overview on each filament so you can find one that suits your application requirements:

iglidur® I150-PF

This is a white, food-compliant material, which is perfect for beginners testing their 3D printer and trialling different materials. It is a high abrasion-resistant material, performing best at low surface speeds. As with all the igus® materials, it has good mechanical coefficients and this material is the most cost effective. It has the EU Regulation 10/2011 for the Food Industry.

iglidur® I180-PF

The versatile one. This material is again white and is a great combination of high strength, wear resistance and can cope with a significant temperature ranges

iglidur® I180-BL-PF

As the part number suggests, this filament is the same as the one above, but is black. All the properties of the white version remain the same for this. The black colouring allows us to be able to supply parts with excellent wear properties but also offer parts where perhaps aesthetics is important, where the part needs to be able to blend into the background.

iglidur® I170-PF

This material looks similar to the popular iglidur® J material so if you are familiar with igus® products you will recognise the typical yellow colouring. This is a highly abrasion resistant material making it exceptional in wear properties. 

iglidur® A350-PF

This is one of our newest materials. This filament is blue, FDA compliant and is not only available in filament but also in bar stock and plate, as well as injection moulded parts. It is also suitable for aircraft interiors as this material complies with the fire prevention requirements of the Federal Aviation Administration of the USA (FAA). It is a high-temperature and high chemical-resistant material. You will need a high-temperature printer to process this material.

iglidur® C210-PF

If you need a specific high-chemical resistant filament, this is the one. The C210 is one for the experts! Similar to I170, it is highly-abrasion resistant and again is white in colour.

iglidur® J260-PF

Another high temperature material, the J260 is suitable for low and medium loads. This is another material that we offer in injection moulded parts and bar stock, allowing multiple avenues to be able to help with the application solution.


The RW370 is another one of our new filaments and this one packs a punch. Suitable for the railway industry, this material is flame-retardant, has high strength, can be processed at high temperatures and has high wear resistance.  Again, this is available in bar stock and injection moulded parts, allowing adaptability in all applications. You will need a high temperature printer to process this material.

iglidur® J350-PF

And finally, but by no means least, the J350 filament. This material complies with the fire prevention requirements of the Federal Aviation Administration of the USA (FAA). It is a high-temperature material, allowing a continuous temperature of 180°C. This material is also available in injection moulded parts and stock material.

Hopefully this gives you a brief insight into the various filaments and will aid in your decision as to which one is suitable for your requirements.

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