Big or small, igus® loves all orders!

igus® loves small orders! Obviously, we love big orders too, what kind of a company would we be if we didn’t! After all, oak trees grow from acorns.

But this blog is not about how big or small the order is, well it goes in hand in hand with the topic in discussion, but this is about MOQ’s; minimum order quantities or minimum order values and surcharges. Why do MOQ’s exist and what is the igus® stance on them?

No minimum order quantity & no minimum order value

igus® do not have minimum order quantities or minimum order values. Plain and simple, but in all honesty, there are pros and cons for both sides of the argument, whether companies should or should not have these.

For igus®, not having MOQ’s spans across the whole range of standard catalogue parts. This can seem quite controversial for some companies, so let me explain why we as a company choose to work with this ethos.

Why do companies have MOQ’s?

Companies implement MOQ’s for many reasons, but the primary one is due to the baseline costs of processing an order. Operational costs for processing orders are complicated.  When you breakdown all overheads and hidden costs, there are elements that you don’t even consider! So, it is understandable that many companies have a minimum spend or a minimum order quantity, to ensure their profit level remains stable.  Financially it makes sense, but is that best for you, the customer?

igus® has chosen to avoid these constraints, it is against our ethos as a company as we love small orders! The range of companies, individuals and educational bodies that order from us is so vast, that we don’t want anyone to be discriminated against and forced into either minimum order values or minimum order quantities, it is just not what we do.

Our philosophy

We have had customers that have placed their first order with us, 10 plain bearings as an example, which has cost the customer around £25. Yes, it costs igus® more than this to process that order but what if these parts are for a prototype and the company or individual is working on a brand-new concept? The potential behind this could be 10,000 bearings per machine and this company could produce 10 machines a month. This “small” order has the potential to turn into a huge order if supported correctly.

Customer support

Supporting our customers is paramount! As a company, we want individuals, growing businesses or established businesses to order what they NEED as opposed to what they MUST order to meet the MOQ.

Every single product that igus® offers is sold individually; from an individual bearing, to an energy chain bracket; from a metre of cable to one single 3D printed part. This is to enable you, the customer, to have total freedom of choice, staying in control of your stock and money. The message is clear, with igus® there is no minimum order value, no minimum order quantity and no minimum size, we would love your order, no matter what the size!  All standard parts can also be ordered online, no surcharges, and fast delivery.  Check it out at

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