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crisp manufacturers

Investing big in crisp manufacturers 

We can provide a solution to a whole host of industries and one of those is the crisp manufacturing industry! Here’s the latest on crisp manufacturers.

Charlie Fry’s Progression Story

Career progression is something to be celebrated and Charlie Fry has grown here at igus® to no end. Starting out as a level 3 apprentice, he has been a valued member of the team for nearly 3 years!

Why do an apprenticeship?

Modern working environments are constantly adapting and apprenticeships are becoming a more prominent way of working for students who feel university is not for them.

What is a Heat Recovery System?

Do you know what a heat recovery system is? If you don’t, you should definitely read this blog! At igus®, we are investing in innovative sustainable technology and this is just one of the areas that is running successfully in Cologne.

John Barker; my progression story

From dealing with weapons to relocating for new roles, John Barker, the igus® Readychain manager explains how the change from the military to igus® has been equally as challenging….

Steve Slater; my Progression Story

The progression story of the igus® sales manager starts back in 1999 and continues to 2023… where he is now in charge of 20 external engineers spanning the UK. Learn how he was trained by the igus® CEO himself….

Leila Clift

Leila Clift’s Progression Story

This progression story is focused on our HR team leader Leila Clift. In this blog, you will learn how Leila started her igus® journey and she will explain some of the things she likes about working at igus®