Frequently asked questions – tribo-tape

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Yes it can. It can also be punched with special punching equipment or cut with a stanley knife, lasered and machined.

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The edges can get slightly charred so bear that in mind but it doesn’t release any nasty chemicals when being lasered.

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The B160 is black and is available in various widths and also as a self adhesive version.

W160 is the white tribo tape. It comes in various widths and with the option of a self adhesive back.

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The tape comes in 4 different materials. A160, B160, V400 and W160 all with different properties.

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Ye, the A160 is FDA. It is blue in colour so is ideal for the food industry. It comes in different widths and thicknesses and adhesive backed or non adhesive backed.

The V400 tape is a high temperature tape, up to 200 degrees C long term.