Frequently asked questions about industry 4.0

We have a range of products from energy chains to bearings. 

Yes, igus® offer both condition monitoring and predictive maintenance which in short are what many call industry 4.0

absolutely, visit here for all the PRT range and speak to us if you want industry 4.0 technology. 

Being able to 3d print parts with sensors is amazing! Not only are these cost effective, they can be delivered quicker than moulded parts. 

Our 3d printed parts are produced via multi=material printing. The sensors are printed into the tribo component.

As with all igus® products, no MOQ 

Absolutely. Please give us a call on 01604 677240 to discuss the application. 

We offer two data transfer systems. One is what we refer to as i.Cee:local. This is when you use your own corporates network and you determine the software it talks to. 

The other option is the i.Cee:cloud. This is a cloud service where data is transferred directly to the cloud, encrypted and protected.