Frequently asked questions- gantry robots

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Why not?
While most robots are available as full and ready-to-install machines, the igus® robots are available in modular forms ready to be built up and made bespoke to the application as well as systems ready to be added to a production line or work space.

Our gantries can reach up to 3 metres on the X and Y axis in a single application. The specification can vary between applications so please contact us to find out more.

Our gantries use stepper motors or BLDC motors – every application determines its most suitable motors.

The repeatable accuracy is 0.2mm.

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The achievable speed is 1.0m/s.

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At igus®, we produce a variety of gantry systems, including: line gantry, flat gantry and room gantry. Although each type is suited to a particular type of application, be it vertical, high speed, or high precision, we can create the best solution for you.

The modular design of all of our gantries ensures a bespoke solution for each application, as well as options for harnessing them with motors, cables, and cable management systems of your requirement. Get in touch with the Low Cost Automation expert, Adam Sanjurgo, today and we will help you solve your linear issues!

Thanks to their modularity, igus® gantries can be purchased in ready-to-build kit form.

We have current applications and ongoing projects within multiple industries, such as: pharmaceutical, food and beverage, automotive, aerospace, medical, packaging.

The  drylin® linear robots are multi-axis systems, which were (usually) built to approach Cartesian co-ordinates. One synonym for linear robot is Cartesian robot.

Usually the maximum is 3000x 3000x x750 (xyz) but our design department can offer longer stroke’s. The best wat is to send us an enquiry and we will check your requirements.

In principle, all electric motors can be connected. At igus we mainly use stepper and BLDC/EC motors.

1m/s, but there are exceptions here, too. The best way is to send us an enquiry and we will check your requirements.

We will be happy to configure this for you. The best way is to send us an enquiry and we will check your requirements.

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