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3 easy ways to solve the obsolete part issue

Finding out that a part no longer exists and is an obsolete part can be infuriating and expensive. Luckily, with new technologies, it is becoming easier to remake parts, saving your machines from being thrown onto the scrap heat and ensuring that they can keep going for many more years. Find out how here at igus® we are helping with the fight to keep older machines alive.

FDA bar stock

Which is better, 3D printing or CNC machining?

There is always the discussion between which is best, CNC machining parts or 3d printing and to be honest, there are pro’s and con’s for both method. This blog explores each method and why both methods of manufacturing are important.

What 3D printing material is food safe?

FDA is vital for many industries and having the ability to 3D print parts is crucial but special FDA material needs to be available.
Luckily at igus® we have a number of FDA 3D printed materials available, covering many different criteria’s such as high temperatures, chemical resistant and hard wearing.

new igus products

April 2022: What new igus products have been released?

Every year, hundreds of new igus products are released to the standard product range available and 2022 is no exception! With over 175 new products across all the product ranges, this blog is to give an overview of a few highlighted products!