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igus® continues to re-evaluate its materials to ensure the best possible compounds are being used to best serve our industries and best protect our planet. Find out more about sustainable igus® now. As an ISO 14001 certified company, we are proud to be recognised as a basis for environmental mana...
Keeping safe is igus'® top priority for both employees and customers. More and more of us are self isolating and working from home. This doesn't mean that we can't still help you. Find out how.
Q&A with Matthew Aldridge: Managing Director of igus®. Get an overview of some igus® key features and how we are continuing with innovation in the plastics world.
20 March 2020 Erin Kemal 3D printing , dry-tech
Printing moulding tools is an ingenious method of producing mid volume parts but at a cost effective price. Who wouldn't want that?
13 March 2020 Vanessa Whiteley 3D printing
In our 3800m² test laboratory, all igus® products are put through their paces to ensure that safety, predictability and function are all the best they can be for each application. For the 3D printed parts, we test wear, strength and friction rates under varying parameters.
For a long time at igus® we have supported the development of up-and-coming members of our team. An initiative to support these students and their education facilities saw the birth of the YES programme.
25 February 2020 Erin Kemal 3D printing , iglidur , plastic-rod
Safety is key. In a fast moving world, safety remains paramount and igus® is helping with the prevention of fire hazards.
21 February 2020 Vanessa Whiteley 3D printing , dry-tech , e-chain , Low Cost Automation
Stretching across our different product departments, igus® provides FDA-compliant materials for myriad applications, from packaging raw food in factories, to dispensing liquids using an FDA-compliant robot and using FDA-approved materials to increase efficiency and cleanliness in a food and drink...