Frequently asked questions – drylin® linear systems

linear systems

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This is dependent on the range and the size. It can be 2M or 4M

There is no minimum stroke. We can offer various lengths depending on your requirement. Please use the configuration tool.

Click here for a download that shows you have to change the liner on these bearing blocks.

This is dependent on the application, but around 3.5mm. igus® can do specials longer but this is not guaranteed.

Yes we do, we also supply the motor flange and couplings. Please click here to see more information.

Usually, but not entirely, we offer rails in hard anodised aluminium, however, we also offer a range of stainless rails. Please click here for more information. If you have a bespoke requirement please email

There are no additional costs for cutting linear rails at igus®.

This new slide offers a great solution to industries where infection control and wash downs are important, the entire slide is manufactured from polymer and requires no grease/oil to operate, this also allows the slide to be washed down with no negative impact on the performance of the slide.  Also, this slide will be a great option for industries where weight saving is important like aircraft & robotics as the slide offers up to 64% weight reduction compared to metallic alternatives.

At the moment we offer one standard size option which can be produced in 3 different colours, but if you require a specific length or material to suit a certain industry, for example an FDA approved material or vertical burn approved material igus can offer this solution with a tooling charge.

An igus® hybrid roller bearing utilises 2 key features, our dry sliding elements, and also a polymer roller to reduce friction.

The benefits of a hybrid roller are exceptionally low friction due to the polymer roller, and the usual igus® benefits such as maintenance free and modular design.

We can supply these to suit shafts and rails with 10,16, and 20mm diameter.

igus® do offer cast and machined stainless versions of the hybrid rollers, also aluminium.

Not yet as a standard product however if you have a requirement please give us a call on 01604 677240 or email us on to discuss the requirement as we may be able to custom design one.

Currently this is not possible however there are always developments in the drylin® department so an interchangeable one may be an option eventually.

The liner is our iglidur® J material.

Zinc is the standard material however we have options for both aluminium and stainless steel.

Yes, you can use our hybrid rollers in a few orientations as well in combination with different design rollers, examples below.

They use sliding elements and a roller – image above, there is an option for a ball bearing one if needed.

Yes it is! Our drylin® T has the exact same dimensions as the traditional recirculating bearing systems making it easy to change to drylin® T.

Some of the carriages we offer for drylin® T allow for manual adjustments and offer adjustments with clearances too.

Yes you can. As the rails are made from hard anodised aluminium, wash downs are fine. If you are unsure, give us a call.