Frequently asked questions – e-skin® corrugated tube

e-skin corrugated tube

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The e-skin® range is ideal for all clean room environments, such as Semiconductor, LCD, LED & OLED applications. Also, if you need an enclosed chain for cleanroom applications the e-skin® is perfect.

Cleanroom environments is one of the main industry’s, including medical, pharmaceutical and semiconductors.

The e-skin®, SK28, SKS28 and the SKF series have all been tested in the Fraunhofer IPA test centre for semiconductor devices based on ISO Class 14644-1 and obtained ISO Class 1 certification for all products.

Our chainflex® CF10 is cleanroom compatible. For the e-skin® flat we have our CFCLEAN range.

The e-skin® chain can be used in self supported applications but not for long travel.

The maximum travel length would be 2.5M if unsupported.

The e-skin® has a zip down the side, so it can easily be opened and closed. For larger amounts of e-skin we offer a tool. For more information on this please contact us! 

Yes, e-skin® has tribo- optimised shelves and separators to prevent damage to cables.

Yes, we have a wide selection for all application requirements. (these in clickable links) e-skin® Hybrid SKY, e-skin® flat single podse-skin® flat with supporting chaine-skin® soft and e-skin® flat.

Absolutely, please contact igus® for a consultation.

Yes. You can configure an e-skin® flat energy chain here.

igus® manufacture a corrugated tube designed to guide and protect cables in cleanroom applications. The corrugated e-skin® tube is available in an enclosed version and a version with chambers that can be opened individually. Find out more about this product range here.

e-skin® flat is a flat cable guidance system designed for cleanroom applications. Benefits of e-skin® flat includes; modular and compact structure, high reliability, IPA classification and more. Discover more here.

Applications with cleanroom requirements will require an e-skin® corrugated tube.

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