FDA/ EU-10/2011 compliant products

For more information visit igus.co.uk/FDA.

6 of the 7 are, A160A181A230A250A350 & FC80 Data sheets are available for all on request.

Yes, materials that are also FDA/EU compliant, and iglidur® DT which is metal detectable only and blue, but not FDA/EU compliant.

-100 to +250 degrees long term, short term we can go to +315 with A500.

Very well, all are chemically resistant, and some have a moisture absorption of less than 0.1%.

Very well, we can match the material to suit your application, whether it be Rotation, Oscillation or Linear, we have a material to suit. We can even send you lifetime calculations.

We have most iglidur® materials available in bar form or plate form, so if we have a drawing, we can machine the parts for you. On the off chance we can’t facilitate what you require we can certainly sign post you to services that can.

Yes our TH3 range, and its also Blue. A very hygienic design, ideal for wash-down and FDA/EU compliant.

Yes,  I150 white which is FDA/EU compliant, and A350 Blue which is also FDA/EU compliant, if you send us a step file we can quote for you.

Yes, we can now coat Metals with our IC-05 material, similar to powder coating, it gives a surface coating of between 80-120 microns, is blue and also FDA/EU compliant. A very low friction surface.

iglidur® F2 stock bar can be used to prevent electro static discharge.