Frequently asked questions all about igus® Ltd.

igus® is a German-founded company, created in 1964 by Günter Blase after his vision to improve the way we use moving parts in manufacturing: “Give me your most difficult part and I will find a solution”.

With the first part being made for the automotive industry: a valve cone used in a carburettor, it was an almost unthinkable feat to use plastic in the place of metal in this type of application, and in this industry.

Now, 50 years on, igus® achieves over €700m sales and over 4,000 employees across 35 subsidiaries worldwide.

igus® is a plastics manufacturer that makes a wide range of products across a bearings range and a cable & cable management range. The company, founded in Cologne, Germany, boasts over 30 successful subsidiaries around the world and sells to small companies and large corporations alike. The automation division was born after the advent of the motorisation of the igus® linear drives; today these make up a large proportion of the igus® Low Cost Automation product group. Their USPs of lubrication-free, maintenance-free, and long-lasting products keeps them high up in the polymer manufacturing arena.

To arrange an engineer visit go to our contact page to send us a message or find to appropriate contact for your application. Alternatively, ring us directly on: 01604 677240. You can also use our live chat on the igus® website.

Our mission at igus® is to save customers time and money using motion plastics. We do this by making cost effective products which give real and tangible technical benefits. As you are buying direct from the manufacturer, the price is already very low, and also large discounts are available for higher quantities. To put it simply: the more you buy the lower the price!

We have a dedicated returns page on the website so please visit and complete the form. This is the quickest way to get an item returned. 

Simply: yes! igus® began making robots several years ago with their robot arm. With gradual development, its annual improvements have resulted in a robot more accurate, faster, and more lightweight than previous versions. They also produce modular robots which can be purchased and built from kit form, or as ready-to-install robot solutions: the gantry and the delta robot.

The mission of low cost automation at igus® is to reveal and lead a new direction for robots and automation in the UK. Stretching across small and large businesses alike, we aim to supply affordable, low-lasting, and high value products to anyone who needs automation at their business but cannot face a long return of investment (ROI) nor an unreliable product.

igus® has 35 subsidiaries worldwide, and you can find yours by visiting the worldwide contact page.

Yes! We pride ourselves in sending free samples and catalogues upon request, find out more here.

There is an igus® sales engineer providing sales and technical support in every area of the UK. Find out more here.

We aim to deliver stocked parts within 24hrs, other parts can vary in delivery time so please consult the deliveries page for more information. You can always ask us if you need more help:

Of course! You can locate and download free CAD files from our website here.

Use the ‘Learn’ section of the igus® blog to find step-by-step instructions on how to use our online tools.instructions for FAQ

We can talk you through how to order the parts through the website which is really simple or you can send an order in to We can send you a copy of the shopping basket which includes the products you need and then you can simple press order and follow the steps!

Not at all. All samples are free of charge. 

If you received a product and it is not quite what you need, please complete the form on the returns page. This can be found here

In some cases we can! It will depend on the parts. There may be the option of a quicker chargeable shipment from Germany. Give us a call on 01604 677240 to discuss this if you need it quicker and we will do our best to help. 

In some cases we can do this. If this is something you want to discuss please call 01604 677240 to discus the options with someone in the operations department. 

For our next day courier we use UPS. We use various same day couriers if this has been organised for you and we use Palletways for pallet shipments.

Yes you can. Paypal is now available as a payment option. 

You can pay for your order in various ways. We have paypal, you can pay on a credit card or debit card. We can send you a proforma invoice to pay via BACS. You can pay over the phone with credit cards if you wish to.

It really depends on what it is but the standard cut off time is 3pm. If this is a problem please contact the office and we will always see what we can do. 

You can send them through to but you may also be able to order the items on line. Please let us know if you want us to show you how to do this as it is very simple! 

I am afraid that we do not take verbal orders. The reason for this is that part numbers can sound very similar on the phone and it can be easy to get the wrong product so to avoid this we ask that all orders are placed through the website or are sent to

Sometimes prices are not displayed on the website and come up as “on request” This might be down to the fact it is a new product and we are waiting for prices to be added. It may also be a custom part where we need to work out the price. Rest assured that we can get a quote to yo u so if this is the case please ring us on 01604 677240 and one of the sales team will help you. 

Absolutely! There is a video on the blog that shows you how to set one up. Here is the link


We accept all except American Express

Different products have different commodity codes so give the office a call on 01604 677240 and they will take down the product details and get the commodity code for you. 

I am afraid this is no longer possible. Please call the office on 01604 677240 and we can discuss the options. 

Of course. There is a form you will need to complete, a call off agreement so please give us a call on 01604 677240 to discuss this. 

Currently we are open 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and we have a “drive through” collection system in place making it quick and simple.

If you want to give us a call on 01604 677240 or drop us an email on we can give you the details for the relevant engineer for you.

Don’t worry we still have the paper copies of catalogues however we do not stock them in the same quantities as we used to. We are trying to go paperless as a company. ! You can request one here

We can accept on site visits but this needs to be arranged and may have some restrictions at the moment. 

One reason might be if this has had several delivery drops. If you have a scheduled order you will have several delivery charges. 

All of our standard products are available to order online. This is the quickest and easiest way to order parts. You can pay on account or on a credit or debit card. Visit

We can arrange for special part numbers to be created especially for your part if it is a non standard. Please speak to one of the sales team on 01604 677240 and we can organise this to be done for you. 

igus® worldwide is a very economically friendly company. The polymer products are designed so that no lubrication is used, they have lifetimes which are calculated and they out last metal counterparts. 

igus® has the “chainge” project which recycles old energy chains back into granules, ready to be reused. 

We are also heavily invested in Mura technology. You can read more here

Currently we are not attending exhibitions however this is not to say we will not in the future. We still have sales engineers and specialists all over the country that are visiting, we can add innovation display units into your company and we are hoping the roadshows will start up again in 2022. 

The “chainge” project is a way of us recycling energy chains that have come to the end of their life. 

We give vouchers to anyone who returns their energy chains and they can use it against a new order. 

All the chainge program details can be found here


These are also known as igus® corners where an igus® representative comes onto site and adds a display with igus® samples that are relevant to the company and these can be used as required on site. 

No, we accept all energy chains back to recycle in the chainge programme!!