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crisp manufacturers

Investing big in crisp manufacturers 

We can provide a solution to a whole host of industries and one of those is the crisp manufacturing industry! Here’s the latest on crisp manufacturers.

What is sustainable travel? 

Corporate dedication to sustainability measures has become a make or break factor for many consumers. As a company kown for making plastics, how are we holding up our end of the deal?

How to make a lead screw

There’s more than one way to make a lead screw and we provide the answers so you can better understand the process and decide which one would work best dependent on your applications.

How to solder a connector: A step-by-step guide 

As an experienced and well-equipped industry expert, igus® are prepped to solder your connectors for you. However, if you’re looking to take on this task yourself, here’s our baseline guide on how to do so.

Will robots take my job? 

The demand for automation is only growing and is applicable to every area of our lives. This blog explores if the demand for robotics will overtake the demand for a human workforce

Challenges for medical device manufacturers

Medical technology is fast moving so organisations who manufacture for this industry have to race to keep up. In such a crucial industry for innovative technologies, this blog looks at the challenges these medical equipment manufacturers face.

igutex® bearing range vs bronze bearings

If you could design a bearing into your application which was lighter, more cost-effective and could still cope with the demands that bronze ones are expected to, would you swap to a wound composite bearing? The TX1 is a great alternative to bronze bearings and are being used more and more in the agricultural industry. Why don’t you replace your bronze with polymer?