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What is just in time manufacturing?

Lean and just in time (JIT) manufacturing are two concepts which were established for the benefit of manufacturing companies whose everyday processes were being actively detrimental to the development of their companies.

What are the main benefits of using polymer gears?

Polymer or plastic gears are fast becoming the new way of manufacturing gears. There are many positive attributes to using plastic gears such as cost saving, weight reduction and noise reduction. More and more industries are using them, are you?

What cable services do igus® offer?

You need cables for nearly everything it seems. And what is really annoying is when you only need one metre of cable and the supplier has a minimum order or charges you for cutting that metre off a reel. At igus® we want customers to have the choice of how much they want, rather than feel pressured into what they have to have. So no packaging costs, no cutting costs and no minimum order for any of our chainflex® cables.

3 easy ways to solve the obsolete part issue

Finding out that a part no longer exists and is an obsolete part can be infuriating and expensive. Luckily, with new technologies, it is becoming easier to remake parts, saving your machines from being thrown onto the scrap heat and ensuring that they can keep going for many more years. Find out how here at igus® we are helping with the fight to keep older machines alive.