We are continuously looking for better solutions, better materials, better product properties. igus products require to lubrication, no lubricants means less environmental pollution. Read sustainability blogs.

What is sustainable travel? 

Corporate dedication to sustainability measures has become a make or break factor for many consumers. As a company kown for making plastics, how are we holding up our end of the deal?

What is shore power?

Shore power is a revolutionary process that is set to tackle environmental issues and save money across the board. Read through this blog to better understand how it’s doing so!

What is a Heat Recovery System?

Do you know what a heat recovery system is? If you don’t, you should definitely read this blog! At igus®, we are investing in innovative sustainable technology and this is just one of the areas that is running successfully in Cologne.

iglidur® plain bearing

“Dry January” – why restrict to 1 month in the year?

Dry January is notoriously popular amongst the masses, whether most of us make it to the end of January still alcohol free is another matter! Here at igus® we are dry running all year round! Find out about some of the key benefits to our dry running products.

Project Krake wastewater management

What is wastewater management ?

Reports of rubbish floating in our seas and rivers is being broadcast far too often nowadays, this is not only a problem in the UK, but a worldwide issue. Wastewater management is now a key area for companies and countries to focus on before it is too late.
This blog will focus on a global issue which is being highlighted by a new project in Cologne, the innovative programme “Rhine Octopus”.  To understand this, we need to delve into what wastewater management is.

Where can I recycle electronic cables ?

1.45 million tonnes of electrical waste is not recycled properly and is simply sent to landfill. Every company should be implementing polices to help combat this and one of the programmes that igus® have implemented is the chainflex® recycling programme. Read the full blog here