April 2022: What new igus products have been released?

Every year, hundreds of new igus products are released to the standard product range available and 2022 is no exception! With over 175 new products across all the product ranges, this blog is to give an overview of a few highlighted products!

New igus products in the dry-tech range

The dry-tech range covers linear systems, bearings, ball bearings, slewing rings, 3D print and stock material to name a few, so a vast number of products. For the full overview click here: but below are a few key products:

Two component ball bearing

The award winning new xiros® ball bearing is exceptionally quiet but is extremely wear resistant and ideal for high-speed applications. Combining different polymers for its construction ensures a strong yet quiet bearing. And to acknowledge the innovative design of these new bearings, they have been awarded the iF design award 2022!


The SCARA robot family has grown! We now offer SCARA robots with 3 & 4 degrees of freedom. This flexible and adaptable robot arm is ideal for assembly tasks as well as pick and place applications. The SCARA robots also come fully integrated with the igus® Robot Control software.

iguform S70 and igutek P360 angular gearboxes

new igus products

Polymer gears are becoming more and more accepted into the design and engineering world. At igus® we already have a large range of gears, manufactured through many different processes. With the new angular gearboxes, not only are the gears manufactured from one of our high-performance plastics, the housing is also plastic and is 3D printed in one of our materials. With the housing being 3D printed, the weight reduction over metal counterparts is factor 7!

Eco plain bearings

Sustainability is a vitally important issue for us and designing and creating an “eco” version of our plain bearings was a no-brainer!

We have created a number of eco materials, taking inspiration from our standard ranges. We now can offer eco versions in iglidur® G, A180, P and H. These cover various applications and industries. Taking the carbon footprint thought one step further, we have started to add the CO2 footprint to some of our materials in the shop pages. We now measure the CO2 footprint of each component sold and highlight it on the shop pages.

New igus products for the-chain®

There have been many innovative products released for the the-chain® department. Products that can reduce hazards, help with sustainability and save you space. Here are just a few of the new products.

e-tract cable retraction system design study

The new e-tract system not only prevents cable damage and potential hazards, but it is going to make cable handling really quick and easy! This portable cable winding solution is completely mobile, is fully protected from the elements and is ideal for charging station solutions.

Drive-chain design study

igus® knows energy chains and now igus® is developing the world’s first driven energy chain system. This system is suitable for long travels of over 1000m and eliminates the need for power to be driven from the powered system, for example a crane. This new innovative system has its own drive.


Introducing the first energy chain that has been produced from 100% recycled e-chain material! This is a massive milestone for igus® towards sustainability, helping our economical footprint in the bigger fight against plastic waste.

chainflex® CASE small

Sometimes smaller is better!  We have had great success with our original chainflex® CASE, so we have added a new size to the range! Space can be of a premium, so the chainflex® S CASE is 50% smaller than the original one, ideal for anyone with space constraints. Same great benefits as the original, just smaller!

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