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24 June 2022 Erin Kemal drylin , e-chain , iglidur
Hygienic designs for machines are becoming increasingly important within companies nowadays, and ensuring they are resistant to aggressive washdowns is essential.  Contamination is detrimental in certain industries, it can cost companies thousands in downtime and service costs. With this in mind,...
27 May 2022 Erin Kemal iglidur
At igus®, our motto has always been to “improve what moves” and working with Doel Engineering, we achieved just that. The partnership between supplier and customer ensured that the end goal of “improving what moves” was met.
20 May 2022 Erin Kemal drylin
Traditional linear recirculating bearings vs drylin T is a common debate. Which is better and why? This blog can help with the answers. With identical dimensions there is no reason to not make the change.....
Every year, hundreds of new igus products are released to the standard product range available and 2022 is no exception! With over 175 new products across all the product ranges, this blog is to give an overview of a few highlighted products!
18 March 2022 Erin Kemal igubal
How much does it cost to make a pint of beer? This question is complex and has many elements to consider such as machines in production to delivery. igus® has been helping breweries become more economically friendly and saving them time and money at the same time. Find out how....
18 February 2022 Erin Kemal dry-tech , Sustainability
The electric car era is approaching fast and for many of us, we are yet to get involved. However, in many cases the need for electric cars far outweighs any negative issues that seem to be circulating. But many people are asking, when will all cars be electric in the UK?
4 February 2022 Erin Kemal dry-tech , drylin , iglidur
Aerospace is a highly demanding industry, with high expectations in quality and safety it is clear why many designers and designing in igus® products. Going on a plane is an exciting time but can also cause anxiety so ensuring quality products are used is essential.
21 January 2022 Erin Kemal iglidur
Do you know what the PV value is? For the engineering world the PV value is crucial. Calculating the pressure versus velocity is all to do with reducing friction... do you know how to calculate it?