Print to Mould

Print to Mould

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Print to Mould Transcript

Hi there guys, I’m Dean Aylott, the product manager for the 3D print service at igus UK. Today I just want to talk to you about our 3D print mould tools, or as we call it – print2mould. As you will be aware we offer a 3D print service where we can print any of your parts in one of our SLS or FDM materials. However, we have taken the service one step further. We are 3D printing an injection mould tool to mould your parts from our iglidur materials. Any of our iglidur materials, I might add. 

So, this enables some mid production sort of 250 pieces or thereabouts, depending on the igus material you use. Higher temperature materials wear out the tools quicker. To get around this problem, we have started to 3D print a steel tool. This gives us higher volumes, keeps the part price low and parts within tolerance for longer.  

For more information on this service, check out this website, alternatively contact myself. 



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