What are modular connectors used for?

Do you know what a modular connector is? Many people don’t and unless you have used them before, why would you?

So, lets start by looking at what a modular connector is.

What is a modular connector?

A modular connector is a connector which allows multiple media sources to be connected. Sources such as electrical cables, fiber optic cables and pneumatic hoses. At igus® we have a product called Module Connect which is used wherever several cables need to be plugged into the smallest possible space and is characterized by a space-saving, flat housing. It has been developed as the next level of plug-and-play solutions. It features highly flexible housing that offers multiple inserts covering power, signal, data and pneumatic connections in one module. But what are modular connectors used for?

Tell me more! What are modular connectors used for?

what are modular connectors used for
  1. Flexible assembly – with over 100 inserts available, the combination of your module connect assembly is limitless.
  2. Fully configurable – every aspect of the module connect is configurable to your individual requirements from seals and cable inserts to connecting multiple modules together.
  3. Integral strain relief – with the built-in single piece strain relief, the module connect gives a strong, robust, and easy-to-handle system.
  4. Lightweight and space-saving in design the module connect is designed with fibre-reinforced high-performance polymers. This reduces the number of separate connectors and allows for a significant reduction in weight compared to conventional rectangular connectors.
  5. Quick and easy to connect – once module connect has been designed into your system, it allows for very fast production, installation, and service changeover.
  6. Tried and tested – at igus®, all products are thoroughly tested and the module connect is no exception!

With the help of the simple modular principle, an individual connection/disconnection point can be configured as a module from several connector housings. Each housing can be equipped with up to four different plug inserts. The housings can then be joined together, allowing for almost unlimited module variations in individual widths and heights. The modules can be adapted to the filling and geometry of the e-chain® and enable optimal cabling for every machine.

What are the benefits of a modular connector?

This “plug & play” system is exactly that. An easy way of reducing maintenance, reducing assembly time by up to 80% and is a sustainable product as these can be retrospectively fitted, easily supplementing existing systems. Using modular connectors are also a great way of saving space. They are low profile units so when your machine is limited for space, this a great option. These benefits are why there are so many varied applications and industries that these modular connectors are used.

Applications such as;

  • Packaging
  • Automation
  • Wood working
  • Machinery
  • Cutting machines and many more, any application where there are multiple cables requiring a singular connection point.

Start to configure your application easily by selecting your chosen chainflex® cables and igus® energy chains on our website now.

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