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The Oil and Gas Industry is faced with multiple challenges every day. igus® are always looking at ways of alleviating some of those challenges and the e-loop energy chain system just does that.
The energy chain is considered the umbilical cord of machines with a moving application, whereby the cables act as nerve pathways. The line quality must permanently meet the requirements of the movement. The interplay between the energy chain and cables must match. What happens if this is not the...
Smart Plastics by igus® takes the surprises that arise when there is a fault. This technology sends signals to inform of wear or errors before it gets critical.
The importance of protecting cables has never been so pertinent as it is when cables are battling with the elements , elevated hundreds of feet in the air. igus® offers e-chain® systems that not only protect the cables but can inform you of defects.
17 April 2020 Erin Kemal e-chain , readychain
e-chain® describes a product that safely transports cables or lines, as well as hoses, in a particular way. They ensure the fail-safe supply of energy, data and impulses and are constantly in motion. They are designed to guide and protect. Plastic energy chains have been developed, produced and t...
Ship to shore is vitally important to keep the economy moving. Ensuring this is done safely, effectively and with as little downtime as possible, igus® energy chain is ideal.
24 February 2020 Erin Kemal chainflex , e-chain , readychain
igus® products has an enormous presence in offshore business and development too. Our strong polymer products are able to support huge systems in the oil and gas industry where strength, endurance and reliability are key factors when selecting a supplier.
17 February 2020 Erin Kemal e-chain , readychain
e-chain® systems can be used in a large number of different applications, so much so that the industries using our e-chains® are hugely varied across the UK. Bespoke, unique, and standard solutions mean your solution can be found in our products.