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Every year, hundreds of new igus products are released to the standard product range available and 2022 is no exception! With over 175 new products across all the product ranges, this blog is to give an overview of a few highlighted products!
8 April 2022 Erin Kemal chainflex
There are so many variants of cables that it is a minefield! This blog is intended to help identify some of the key features of cables used in cable guidance and help you choose the most suited cables for your application.
25 March 2022 Erin Kemal chainflex
What is a hybrid servo cable? Many of us will never need to know the differences between cables however it is vital to know the differences in order to get the best power supply for your applications. This blog is the second in the " what is a X cable?" so read all about the hybrid servo cable.
4 March 2022 Erin Kemal chainflex
There are so many different variations of cables that it can be confusing to know which one is right for your application. In this blog, we explore the world of control cables and discover where and why you may use it.
22 November 2021 Erin Kemal chainflex
Everyone wants to have confidence in the products they are designing into their machines and applications., Nothing says " I have confidence in my product" like an extended guarantee. Now, not only does igus® offer up to 36 month guarantee on its chainflex® cables, it has now been certified with...
18 June 2021 Erin Kemal chainflex
There are many "fairytales" when it comes to cable manufacturers and whether or not you have to stick with the original manufacturer for life. This blog hopefully puts to bed any rumours that you have heard about changing your drive cable manufacturer.
25 March 2021 Erin Kemal chainflex
When it comes to cables, igus® know their stuff. The large Chainflex® cable range has a variety of different materials suitable for a range of applications. Underwater applications are tricky however this blog shows why it is important to select the right cables.
23 December 2020 Erin Kemal chainflex , e-chain , iglidur , xiros
No one likes to be cold. However, there are some igus® products that not only cope with the cold, they thrive in it. This blog highlights but a few products that will withstand more than just the English winters, some of the products are capable of -40°C and some as low as -100°C......