Why do an apprenticeship?

For a long period of time university was too costly an option for many who wished to go, meaning a large amount of students missed out on the chance to complete higher education. This eventually changed, as by 1963 almost 70% of UK University students were receiving grants from UK Government state funding, an essential step in the right direction that gave less wealthy students a more equal opportunity to succeed. 

However, in 2024, university is not the only option. While it is still a valued part of society, it is becoming increasingly costly, time-consuming, and much less integral to landing a well-paying and rewarding job. So, what is the new option? Apprenticeships. 

The Many Benefits 

Apprenticeships are popping up all over the country in a variety of sectors and provide the opportunity to earn while you learn, gathering invaluable experience in your field that can set you ahead of the rest both in experience and financial stability.  

Typically starting at level 3 (A-level equivalent) apprenticeships can be hybrid or remote, requiring students to go into university or college across any given period from once a week to one week a month or even not at all if the course is delivered entirely online. Generally, the support system from whoever delivers your course is thorough and within 18 to 24 months you can be moving on to a degree if your employer offers it! (Don’t forget all of this is paid for by your employer and you get a wage on top) 

The Few Setbacks 

Just because apprenticeships are now a bigger contender, doesn’t mean it will be the right choice for you. Forgoing the typical university experience does mean missing out on the rite of passage parties and the lack of real-world responsibility that university life affords but if you’re a self-starting, keen learner that hates the idea of having student debt, apprenticeships are definitely the way to go! 

Apprenticeships at igus® 

Here at igus®, we have been offering apprentice schemes for several years in a variety of departments from finance to marketing and low-cost automation. As a subsidiary of a well-established company based in Germany, the wealth of knowledge and experience we can pass down to apprentices is extensive, having now been in the UK for over 30 years. We work with a number of apprenticeship providers such as the University of Northampton and Starting Off to deliver the best content possible that allows you to further your career. To look at opportunities with us, read here

Endless Opportunities 

Becoming an apprentice with igus® provides you with so many opportunities. Earlier this month we hosted an apprentice networking day for apprentices across the Brackmills industrial estate (BID). We organised a tour around our facilities, the chance to see our prototype of the first ever plastic bike (RCYL), a whistlestop tour of our low-cost automation room all topped off with a venture into our virtual reality experience, the iguverse! This offered local apprentices the opportunity to see what it is we do, connect with our own apprentices, and build a support system to lean on through their studies. This was hopefully the start of many such events for igus®

If you would like more generic information about opportunities available to you, search the government website here and sift through the careers that interest you! 

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