How can you prevent expensive robot breakdowns?

You may think that dealing with robots is complicated; igus® has made it easy.

Relationships between humans and robots have become more intricate and important and being able to identify which relationship will work best for your application is vital.

But how does the igus® triflex® R reduce breakdowns? The answer is simple, it is mainly down to it being a modular system. This effectively means that the triflex® is not permanently sealed and therefore, easy to service.  The igus® modular system benefits the customer as all components are individually replaceable. Cables can be removed and replaced without having to take any connectors off saving downtime, which saves you money.

How else can igus® help?

Configurators are essential when deciding on which products will be best suited to your application and identifying the best products for your robot is no different.  igus®’ robot equipment configurator gives you a choice of the best system for both industrial robots and cobots depending on your application parameters.

With the robot equipment configurator, deciding on the most suitable igus® equipment for your robot model is done in just a few steps. To ensure continuous support, the customer can use the respective “Help buttons” to obtain more detailed information on the individual components if required. Finally, you can place your completed configuration directly in the shopping cart, place an order with us or use one of the additional features (e.g. CAD and PDF download).

Step by Step

1 – Pick the model name if you know it or pick manufacturer, type and model from the drop-down options.

2 – Next you have to pick the retraction system that suits the application.

3 – On the next page, you can go into more detail about the specifics for each axis; additional chain links, the particular size and any accessories required.

4 – You have the choice of either adding the parts to your shopping cart. You can order single parts from the breakdown or download CAD files. You can even save the configuration for another day.

It really is that simple! We have specialists available by phone to help you specify the energy chains required.  Alternatively, they can visit in person or virtually, give you samples for testing or can show you examples of similar applications.

Automating parts of production is the future with robotics and with the help of igus® triflex® R energy chain, your robots can continue to increase productivity whilst lowering labour costs, reducing lead times and eliminating expensive breakdowns.  

You have the power to configure your robot, why not have a go!

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