How to build a 3D printer with igus® parts

How to build a 3D printer? Owning a 3D printer is becoming more common nowadays. With igus® products, you can use ready-to-install parts such as the SLW linear module and igus® e-chains® to help build your 3D printer.

How to build a 3D printer with suitable igus® products:

How to build a 3D printer with drylin

drylin® W linear guides

The drylin® W range of rails are robust, resistant to dirt and allow for a quiet operation. With a large variety of sizes and custom lengths, this rail is the rail of choice for many people building their own 3D printer. From single rails to double, from round profile to square, these linear rails can offer the smooth gliding function required inside the 3D printer.

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How to build a 3D printer with e-chain

E2 micro energy chain

E2 micro e-chains® are perfect as internal cable carriers. They are compact so ideal for space restrictions. They come as both one-piece and two-piece energy chains, are lightweight and therefore ideal for highly dynamic applications. A wide range of accessories, such as interior separation and mounting brackets, are available.

To find out more about the E2 micro range of e-chains® click here:

drylin® R linear slide bearing RJ4JP-01

This linear part is a direct alternative to the ball bearings found in 3D printers, matching the Japanese dimensions? exactly. These specialised parts are manufactured from iglidur® J4 material, have good media resistance, low coefficient of friction and are low cost.  To find out more about the RJ4JP-01 bearings visit:

dryspin® leadscrews

How to build a 3D printer with leadscrews

The dryspin® lead screws are ideal for 3D printers. They are efficient, available in both stainless steel, steel and hard anodised aluminium and available in different sizes. As it is not necessary to provide external lubrication for the lead screw drives, this makes them a lot cleaner.  All of the materials we use have already been tribologically optimised and prepared for a dry run. For more information on the dryspin® range visit:

How to build a 3D printer filament

How to build a 3D printer with igus 3D filament? We can also help you with 3D printer filament and have a large range of filaments available. All are wear-resistant and offer good coefficient of friction. We have food approved materials as well as electrostatically dissipative, so can offer materials for all applications and environments.

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