Micro flizz: the compact, maintenance-free e-chain® system

When designing an energy supply system, sometimes there is a need for a very compact system, carrying power and data yet running at high speed over a long travel distance.   Often these requirements are achievable using a busbar, but only for electrical power and some data.  Busbars, however, are also prone to failure due to corrosion, blockage by dust and debris or wear over time.  Also, if fluids or high-speed data are required, busbars cannot be used.

If cables are used in such applications they can be found dragging on the concrete, completely unprotected against the elements and this causes damage, which ultimately causes stoppages.

The competing demands of size (compact, few cables) versus strength (long travel, high speed) also means that a conventional energy chain system may not be a good solution.

This is where the e-chain® micro flizz system comes into its own. This is an off-the-shelf modular product which, thanks to its fully enclosed guide channel design, ensures the e-chain® with the cables running inside is completely protected. Crucially, since the system uses an e-chain®, the micro flizz system allows for a mix of services to be used together; power cables, control cables, fibre optic cables or even air/fluid pipes. Despite being very compact, the system can be run at high speeds and over long travel distances.

There are three different sizes of the micro flizz system: MF06, MF08 and MF10.

The MF06 is the smallest and consists of an 06 series e-chain carrying the cables within. The maximum cable diameter for this size system is 8mm and it has a maximum travel of 30m.

The next size up is the 08 series. The diameter capacity size has increased to a 9.5mm cable and the maximum travel has also increased to 50m total travel.

Finally, the 10 series. There is a significant jump when comparing the cable diameters and travel length that this size can accommodate against the two smaller system sizes. The 10 series can house up to a 16mm diameter cable and has doubled the total travel length of the 08 series to 100m.

This system is perfect for applications like those found in automated storage and retrieval units, tools on production lines, sewage treatment plants or sliding gates or doors.

Reeling drums or busbars can be replaced by micro flizz in these areas, offering a trouble- free and maintenance- free solution:

  • The micro flizz, as previously mentioned is fully enclosed, ensuring that the cables and their supply are completely protected
  • The flexibility of the system. If the cables required are, in theory, too big, the cables can be separated into smaller ones, which can still deliver the same amount of power. As long as the correct questions have been asked, we can establish if the lifetime is going to be the same or better than the originals
  • Another option is adding another carriage! If the cables don’t fit into one carriage, add another one! A simple solution to double the capacity in the same package space

The system is also ideal for long travel applications due to its space- saving design and compared to a conventional e-chain® & trough combination, the micro flizz reduces the friction by a factor of 3! This is down to the fact that the energy chain is not sliding on itself. So, instead of the e-chain®s modular movement being polymer on polymer, the micro flizz is gliding polymer on aluminium.

This system is already successfully in use in many industries such as:

  • Indoor cranes
  • industrial gate
  • machine operator panels
  • storage and retrieval
  • food industry
  • studio sound equipment
  • measuring systems… The list goes on. It is just a great, versatile system.

So how can this genius system be improved? By making It smart! With the new industry 4.0 smart technology, the micro flizz system can be used with the smart CF.D system. This allows the quality of the Ethernet bus cables to be measured and reported. This clever system allows complete cable protection, flexibility, cost-effectiveness and predictability. Ensuring the life of the cables and the power source that is transmitting through them is critical and the micro flizz system accommodates that perfectly.

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