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Guide rollers transcript

“Hi, I’m Dean Aylott – Product Manager of xiros ball bearings at igus UK. I just wanted to talk to you today about our conveyor rollers. Not only are they conventional conveyor rollers, they are great for labelling and handling machines. We have a range of materials from aluminium, PVC and carbon fibre. The aluminium rollers are available from 20mm diameter up to 60mm, up to 1.5 metres in length, and we can also do a single sided option which is great for labelling. From 30mm up to 63mm we also do this PVC FDA approved roller. This is great for any wet environments or where there is product or food that needs to be washed out. Carbon fibre rollers are also great up to 1.5 metres, from 30mm up to 100mm diameter for ESD properties where you need low inertia.

Other options we can offer at your request, are rubber coated rollers, these are great for gripping film or product and also reduce any noise. We can also offer black anodized, complete with shaft and black bearings. There is also an option for stainless steel. Configuring your roller on our website is easy, you can use the configuration tool to insert your internal diameter, your external diameter and length. And we will even give you a breakdown of the load capacity and speed of your roller.

You can also get an instant price. If you contact me on these details here, I can assist you further. Thank you.”


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