Motor controller: All about the drylin® dryve D1

d1 motor controller

D1 motor controller? What’s that?

The drylin® dryve D1 is the advanced motor controller created by igus® to be used with EC/BLDC, stepper and DC motors. It was designed to solve issues such as long commissioning times and communication troubles within drive systems. With its quick and easy setup via any web browser and its popular CANopen and Modbus TCP protocols, it is an obvious choice for many applications – whether industrial or local.

Configure your drylin® dryve D1? Easy!

The D1 is easy to setup and control from a PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet. An ethernet cable can be used to connect directly to a PC or laptop – or to a wireless router for further connectivity to smartphones or tablets. Upon connecting, the D1 will generate its unique IP address which will need to be entered into the web browser of the device in order to access the interface.

To test your desired application, please visit the dryve page here and use the simulator even before getting your dryve D1, see the image below for an example of the web interface.

The igus® dryve control web interface will be loaded allowing you to configure the settings and begin to operate the D1 and its driven system live. This bespoke interface allows users to operate the programmable drive profile and inputs/outputs in real-time, giving quick response to on the fly adjustments with the support of a digital oscilloscope for constant monitoring of current values.

igus® dryve control web interface

Operating modes used in the drive profile include:


  • 32 individual positioning movements
  • Absolute and relative movements
  • Control over acceleration, top speed and deceleration profiles


  • Positioning can be operated via external switches
  • Up to 8 individual positioning movements


  • A step frequency and a direction signal are applied to the D1 by a master controller

BUS Controller

  • Can be controlled by an external higher-level control system via the CANopen or Modbus TCP protocol

To find out more, just consult the Operating Manual of the drylin® dryve D1 for further information. Please also note that technical data for all motors supplied by igus® can be found here.

If you have more questions about motor controllers view our FAQ section here

Applications of the dryve D1 motor controller

Existing applications of the dryve D1 include:

  • applying film to smartphone screens
  • labelling and marking of pharmaceuticals from a conveyor belt
  • adjustable door cleaning service
  • priming for installation of car headlights
  • supermarket tray stacking
  • pick and place gantry and delta robot systems

There are numerous completed applications and in-progress projects featuring the dryve D1, from XY gantry systems involving reflective laser sensors and electrical systems to 3-axis delta robots implementing vision systems.

Visit the website to find out more about igus® dryve systems.

Alternatively, contact our Low Cost Automation Engineer Angelos Bitivelias: for any dryve enquiries.


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