Low Cost Automation at igus® 

Blogs regarding igus® low cost automation including: robolink®, gantries, dryves and the delta robot. Find out more information below.

1 July 2022 Erin Kemal Low Cost Automation
With the rise of automation in manufacturing, products have to be adapted to suit the moving times. At igus® we have recently introduced a large palletiser robot gantry which is paving the way for a large low-cost robot. But what is a palletiser robot and why do we need them?
Vertical farming is something that we are hearing more and more of and when you look at the situation with climate change, it is becoming more essential. There are many ways of ensuring that vertical farming is successful in a positive way! Read more to find out how igus® products are helping in ...
1 October 2021 Erin Kemal e-chain , Low Cost Automation
industrial manufacturing robots are more important than ever before. The need to work collaboratively with humans means a greater output, has a greater safety aspect and enables a wider range of production steps to be undertaken. But why are these industrial manufacturing robots so important?
14 May 2021 Erin Kemal Delta , Low Cost Automation
Delta robots shouldn't cost the earth and there are delta robots that are priced for the low cost market. Does this mean they are less of a product? Absolutely not and the igus® Delta robot is a prime example of how you can but a delta without spending a fortune.
4 May 2021 Erin Kemal Delta
The igus® delta robot is capable of more than just being a pick and place robot. Much more! Working with the Small Robot Company, the delta robot has been catapulted into the agricultural industry. Not only is it working in this harsh environment, it is thriving! Read all about it here.
19 March 2021 Erin Kemal dryspin , Low Cost Automation
When people mention motors they assume that they are overly technical and difficult. igus® has a range of motors that are available from stock, easy to assemble and low cost.
4 September 2020 Erin Kemal Delta , Low Cost Automation
When you think of vending machines you think of chocolate, crisps or drinks. When you think of a dispenser you might think of a grab machine you find in arcades that potentially could bankrupt you before you have successfully won a toy! But 2020 has bought us the mask vending machine and igus® h...
12 June 2020 Erin Kemal dryve , Low Cost Automation
igus® dryves are the motor controllers that we have developed to help customers reach a complete solution. Mainly, they consist of the igus® D1 dryve, this is the stepper motor controller we have, which can also control brushed and brushless DC motors. Then, we have the igus® D3 dryve which is a ...