Low Cost Automation at igus® 

Blogs regarding igus® low cost automation including: robolink®, gantries, dryves and the delta robot. Find out more information below.

igus® continues to re-evaluate its materials to ensure the best possible compounds are being used to best serve our industries and best protect our planet. Find out more about sustainable igus® now. As an ISO 14001 certified company, we are proud to be recognised as a basis for environmental mana...
Q&A with Matthew Aldridge: Managing Director of igus®. Get an overview of some igus® key features and how we are continuing with innovation in the plastics world.
For a long time at igus® we have supported the development of up-and-coming members of our team. An initiative to support these students and their education facilities saw the birth of the YES programme.
25 February 2020 Vanessa Whiteley Delta , dryve , Gantries , Low Cost Automation , robolink
Tell us about your application and how our components helped you to reduce your ROI. Cost down, value up!
21 February 2020 Vanessa Whiteley 3D printing , dry-tech , e-chain , Low Cost Automation
Stretching across our different product departments, igus® provides FDA-compliant materials for myriad applications, from packaging raw food in factories, to dispensing liquids using an FDA-compliant robot and using FDA-approved materials to increase efficiency and cleanliness in a food and drink...
20 February 2020 Vanessa Whiteley Gantries , Low Cost Automation
Multi-axis gantries are machinery systems that can travel across predefined surfaces or volumes. At igus®, we have gantry applications lifting hundreds of kilos for industrial tasks and others carrying out millimetres of travel for high precision tasks.
20 February 2020 Vanessa Whiteley dryve , Low Cost Automation
At igus® we love to shout about our software as much as our hardware: as the dryve D1® is both, it therefore creates no exception. The top features that we and our customers identify are: easy-to-use, accessible, versatile, low-cost, valuable and of course igus®-made.
19 February 2020 Vanessa Whiteley dryve , Low Cost Automation
The drylin® D3 dryve is a motor controller designed to control brushed DC motors via simple automation using the in-built control system without needing software or a PC.