Low Cost Automation at igus® 

Blogs regarding igus® low cost automation including: robolink®, gantries, dryves and the delta robot. Find out more information below.

19 March 2021 Erin Kemal Low Cost Automation
When people mention motors they assume that they are overly technical and difficult. igus® has a range of motors that are available from stock, easy to assemble and low cost.
4 September 2020 Erin Kemal Delta , Low Cost Automation
When you think of vending machines you think of chocolate, crisps or drinks. When you think of a dispenser you might think of a grab machine you find in arcades that potentially could bankrupt you before you have successfully won a toy! But 2020 has bought us the mask vending machine and igus® h...
12 June 2020 Vanessa Whiteley dryve , Low Cost Automation
igus® dryves are the motor controllers that we have developed to help customers reach a complete solution. Mainly, they consist of the igus® D1 dryve, this is the stepper motor controller we have, which can also control brushed and brushless DC motors. Then, we have the igus® D3 dryve which is a ...
Testing is a crucial part of the production cycle. Without testing there would be no calculation tools, no assurance, no confidence. igus® test continually. Read about some of the processes in the blog.
Everyone wants to have a system which creates an effective, productive and safe way of working. It is becoming more and more apparent that adding an automated option is the way forward. Here we learn about igus®' Robolink and how these little Robots can change how you work.
7 May 2020 Vanessa Whiteley dryve , Gantries , Low Cost Automation
dryspin® is the range of high helix threads designed and manufactured by igus®, these are also known as steep threads or multi-start lead screws. dryspin® has been specifically engineered for optimum lifetime in fast screw applications. This product range still offers the key advantages for which...
Low Cost Automation is a group of products within the igus® dry-tech® product range. These products range from something as simple as a lead screw and nut, through to a fully working robot arm. There are three main robot types that we offer within our Low Cost Automation range. These all have the...
At igus®, samples are a part of our way of life and for our product development and industry growth. We find that samples allow us to demonstrate the latest technology and versatile product capabilities with an abundance of product types, properties and functions.