As the world pulls together, the 3D Print Product Manager at igus® goes one step further…..

Working from home can be tricky and more of us are getting to know this all too well. igus® has most of its employees working safely from home but that isn’t stopping the hard work, the determination and helping customers in typical igus® fashion.

We are all adapting and none more so than Dean Aylott, the 3D Print Product Manager.  When approached recently by a customer needing igus®’ help, Dean went one step further, he started printing from home…..

Here is his version of events: –

“Timing was absolutely crucial in getting involved in helping as many printers, assemblers and companies as possible in the race to deliver PPE for free to our NHS. There were lots of smaller avenues opening, but they were all delivering to their local Hospitals and GP practises in small quantities and I knew that, although these efforts were fantastic, we would fall short in so many areas of the UK.

Using LinkedIn and other social medial platforms, I used my connections from some of our regular customers and met with Jay and Mason (Virtually) who had set up a channel on ‘Slack’ and were using it to organise their efforts as the ‘National 3D Printing Society’.

There were various design improvements over a short period of time and the aim was to achieve the required CE approval so that we could give these to all frontline and secondary staff without a concern over their suitability. For me, I just had the burning desire to go BIG! Fortunately, these desires were shared by my boss, the Managing Director of igus UK, Matthew Aldridge. We agreed that we could offer free assembly of the face shields if the N3DPS could get them to us from the print community. How many?? Who could guess? But Matthew told me ‘You create the problem; I will solve it!” What an approach!

By this point, I had my 3D printer set up in my own garage and used the time over Easter weekend as well as some annual leave to get printing for my own personal contribution. My son had been in hospital with suspected Covid-19 a few weeks prior and my sister is due to take up her post at NHS Nightingale Hospital London on the 1st of June. A place which until recently I would frequent for exhibitions. There is a small comfort in being involved in helping to save our NHS workers from contracting Covid-19, and further transferring it to patients.

Right now, we are desperately low on the shield material. We have a supplier due to deliver some to igus at cost, but even still, we are talking thousands of pounds. We need help with this. We also have a moulded option for the headbands, but this could be a couple of weeks away.

Those who have 3D print capabilities, please find all the details for the National 3D printing Society here and get printing, and those who do not have capabilities but want to help by donating to fund more materials, please see the JustGiving on their website.

I have to say through these challenging times, it has been amazing to see the 3D print community, and a lot of the manufacturing industry, coming together to get the job done. These efforts will be remembered in years to come and every small contribution is helping us win this battle. We will stand together, stay resilient and we will come out of this stronger and more united.“

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