Bar stock material – what’s new at igus®?

Every year igus® releases new products, new materials, new innovations. 2021 is no different. This year there is a strong focus on the food and beverage industry including, new bar stock material.

This industry is huge worldwide and increasing the range of materials that we can offer in plate and rod form, allows us to machine even more custom bespoke parts.

So, what’s new in bar stock material?

iglidur® A250 round bar stock material-

A250 bar stock material

iglidur® A250, as far as the material goes, is not brand new this year. We introduced this material last year as knife edge rollers. However, the demand for bespoke parts was vast, so we started producing the material in the form of solid bar.

This material is FDA and EU10/2011 compliant, bright blue in colour, offers a high running performance and as with all the igus® materials, is environmentally friendly…. No lubrication is required.

iglidur® AC500 round bar stock material-

AC500 bar stock material

The iglidur® AC500 has been created as a further development of the iglidur® C500 that has been around for many years. The AC500 benefits from the high chemical resistance of the C500 and the excellent coefficient of friction and wear. This combined with the blue additive changes this whole material. The AC500 has the added benefit of being FDA compliant and thanks to the addition of the colour, it now has optical detection.

iglidur® AD500 Plate

AD500 plates

This new plate has become the boss of materials. It has all of the high-performance qualities of our iglidur® A500 material but is now blue, making it even more ideal for the food and packaging industry. It currently comes in two thicknesses, 6mm and 10mm allowing us to be able to machine a multitude of custom parts for any application.

iglidur® ESD tribo- tape –

ESD tribo tape

This newest addition to the tribo-tape family may look like the B160 tape, however, it is not, it has far superior qualities to that of the humble B160. This electrostatic dissipative tribo- tape is perfect for applications where ESD specifications are required. Being able to transfer the technology that we have used for other ESD products into the tribo- tape has made this already versatile product even more versatile. This tape will be able to prevent damage to components by diffusing the electrostatic discharge which builds up with machinery.

A side note; the adhesive is not ESD compliant, so the tape will need to have mechanical fixings in at least 2 places to ensure that the charge is dissipated correctly.

Expanding the bar stock materials was an easy decision for us this year. Small tweaks to existing materials have allowed us to help customers with solutions after being given the problem.

This is what we do. We listen and react in order to help our customers!

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