Solutions for successful and elegant industrial interior design

Industrial interior design is not only about aesthetics but practicality. The new trend is to try and retain original aspects of interiors within the design and people are loving the industrial vibes. Not only that, but people are being clever with their design, using all available space, no matter how limited it may be. People’s creativity is starting to show and with the help of companies like igus®, it is now being made possible without breaking the bank.

industrial interior design

Sliding drawers

With igus® drylin® linear rails, bespoke sliding units are made possible. Not only are these lubrication-free and offer a quiet operational movement, but they are low-cost and stock items. With their aluminium profiles, these systems can be used visibly or hidden. The look of the aluminium is edgy yet smooth, perfect for industrial interior design.

Interactive mirror

industrial interior design

This application is so unique and showcases brilliance in innovation. The split design houses drylin® linear rails to offer the smooth-running motion. It also is ideal for bathroom environments as drylin® rails are corrosion- free and lubrication-free. No nasty grease or oil spilling into your bathroom.

Do you have more questions about drylin® guides and rails? Read our frequently asked questions here.

This amazing high-tech design utilises the rails to split the mirror revealing a docking station for an iPhone. The device connects via the docking station and can be controlled without touching, simply through gestures. A software program decodes the gestures and transforms them into a clear algorithm. It is simply magic!

Movable kitchen furniture for industrial interior design

Today, people’s priority for the modern kitchen is to combine innovative technology with contemporary design. Key benefits for kitchens are that movements should be: easy and quiet, durable and resistant products utilised throughout, and all elements must be 100% lubrication and maintenance-free. igus® products deliver on all counts. Within kitchens, sliding drawers, soft closing doors, movable units, all creating space and storage but cleverly using off-the-shelf products to keep costs low.

Most interiors, industrial or not, can use igus® products. Perhaps not visually, but fundamentally the properties that are the foundation of igus® products means that these are ideally suited for industrial interior design applications.


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