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2 July 2021 Erin Kemal drylin
drylin® is the UK's largest growing igus® product and it is hardly surprising. The diversity of the product is so wide that the range of applications that drylin® is used in is vast. We have recently re worked our online information pages to hopefully add some clarity to them, to help with naviga...
30 April 2021 Erin Kemal drylin
In some applications self-locking lead screws are essential. But what is a self-locking lead screw and can it be used in my application? Hopefully this blog will help you answer those questions.
15 January 2021 Erin Kemal drylin
Lead screws can be so confusing! Luckily igus® have a large range of lead screws that are not only available from stock but can also be configured to the customers specification.
17 November 2020 Erin Kemal dry-tech , drylin
Curved rails can be invaluable. Straight rails can be rather restrictive so taking the success of a straight drylin® rail, igus® decided to bend it! The new curved rail allows doors to be opened that perhaps were closed before.....
FDA & EU compliant products are not new to the igus® range, they do however have a brand new page! It was only fitting that the products were introduced again with fresh eyes....
18 September 2020 Erin Kemal dry-tech , drylin , iglidur
Gyms have been very quiet over the last 6 months but they are now fully operational and welcoming members back with open arms. igus® has a strong relationship with this industry, with many manufacturers utilising igus® products within the machines.
21 August 2020 Erin Kemal Company , drylin , Sustainability
There is always ambiguity surrounding what is classed as "eco-friendly" and "sustainable" and it can be misleading for consumers. This blog looks at how igus® drylin productscould be described as the most eco-friendly sustainable product.....
31 July 2020 Erin Kemal drylin
Everyone wants more productivity from their products, especially if you can do that by reducing costs and limiting downtime. igus® drylin® linear bearings are lubrication free, have a predictable lifetime and can be more cost -effective than traditional ball bearing systems.