Are your products cold resistant?

In the UK, being cold resistant isn’t necessary as we don’t really suffer from extreme temperatures. Some of the warmer bodied among us may think we do, but in reality, we don’t. This being said, we ensure that the products that we sell as a company are able to withstand the extremes of temperature.

Now we are in the depths of winter it seemed fitting to highlight a few product groups that are designed to function outside in sub-zero temperatures. It is products such as these that enable your machines to continue running with no problems. Below are a couple of key products that are quite happy in a freezing cold environment, even if you won’t be! 

Energy chains

energy chains in cold temperatures

A large majority of our energy chains are cold resistant and suitable for temperatures as low as -40°C. These are suited for much colder climates than our small island! Knowing that the energy chains have the capability of keeping the cables secure at these low temperatures is very reassuring. It also puts the customer’s mind at ease that the chain will not fail up to that temperature. When you have applications such as offshore applications, it is essential that the weather is not a concern when choosing the correct products.

Plain bearings

plain bearings in cold temperatures

Some of the igus® plain bearings are capable of even lower temperatures than the e-chain®. Materials such as iglidur® A350, Z and X are suitable in environments that can reach -100°C. These bearings are designed to continue to work efficiently at such temperatures which, is pretty amazing. These are off- the- shelf products that are available in both flange and sleeve options. This allows us to be able to offer cold resistant bearings for the majority of applications.

xiros® ball bearings

Our xiros® ball bearing range has a large variety of materials that are suitable for -40°C.  However, this product group can cope with lower…. the iglidur® A500 material will go to -100°C, similar to the plain bearing materials.

chainflex® cables

chainflex cables in cold temperatures

As the applications using chainflex® cables vary so significantly. It is therefore imperative that we offer cold resistant cables that can operate continuously in hot conditions and also extremely cold temperatures. Low- temperature cables are often used in refrigeration and air conditioning, reaching temperatures of -35°C. igus® was the first company to develop complete energy chain systems consisting of both chainflex® cables and e-chains® from one individual source, which are suitable for such extreme adverse conditions. The TPE jacket material is ideal for such cold temperatures, ensuring the cables are completely protected and unaffected by the weather.

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When our products are used in outside applications it is essential that they cope with whatever is thrown at them; high temperatures, low temperatures, moisture and humidity. Having a large variety of materials allows the igus® products to adapt to any environment and when designing your next application, how low does your product need to go?

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