Did you know that igus® sells cables?

Did YOU know that igus® sells cables? Sounds like a silly question really, given that we are an energy chain supplier; a product which protects cables, and yet we find ourselves still hearing the note of surprise in customers voices when we ask: “Do you need cables with your energy chain?”

So, let’s lay it out on the table. Yes, we do sell cables and it makes perfect sense to do so.

The perfect combination

In order to ensure the customer gets the most out of their energy chain, igus® decided to develop a range of cables that would harmonise with the energy chains and enable an extensive lifetime.

With the cables, it quickly became apparent that in order for us to be able to offer the best partnership and be able to have flexibility in regard to the varying applications we would need to create different cables for different environments.

How it all began

The first igus® cable was the “CF1” which was released back in 1988. Following on from the success of this cable, the range grew quickly, and now igus® can offer over 1350 different cable products with a guaranteed lifetime when used in energy chains. Pretty impressive for a motion plastics company which isn’t known for its cables!

Tried and tested

Each cable is meticulously tested, and the results are publicised on the website, allowing the customer to see how many millions of cycles each cable has been tested to. This information creates confidence when planning cycles and organising arranged downtime, should this be required. As igus® cables are extensively tested in the laboratory in Cologne, we can confidently guarantee a 36-month lifetime or 10 million cycles, whichever comes first.

Need them in 24 hours?

The UK has a large range of chainflex cables available to ship out within 24 hours! These include control, data, bus, motor, servo, encoder and even robotic cables! Click here for the live cable stock availability:

Now ask the question again…

Not only do igus® provide cables to compliment the energy chains, we can add connectors to the cables to create readycables, ready-to-connect drive cables. These plug and play systems are cost- effective and as a complete cable system, reduce the time it takes for installation.

So, do igus® sell cables?

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