dryspin® vs trapezoidal lead screws, which is better?

trapezoidal lead screws

Trapezoidal lead screws have long been the leading term, however, this term limits the range. There are lots of variations of lead screws: acme thread, square threads, high helix to name a few. But how do you know which one is better than the others?  

What are trapezoidal lead screws?

A trapezoidal lead screw primarily has two main forms, a square thread and a trapezoidal. The latter is easier to manufacture and has a higher load capacity, however, this lead screw form has increased friction. This in turn means lower efficiency.

What is dryspin®?

dryspin® or DST as it can be referred to, is igus®’ own design and manufacture of a high helix thread. The dryspin® range has been specifically engineered for optimum lifetime in high speed screw applications. As with all igus® products, the lead screws are maintenance- free and offer lubrication- free use. They have a predictable lifetime, are corrosion- resistant and are resilient to dirt, dust and other media, such as chemicals.

Further key features of the dryspin® range

It is worth discussing the versatility of the motorising options for the dryspin® range. igus® has created a connection between motor and lead screw. This perfect partnership was designed to highlight and strengthen this intricate bond between spindle motors or lead screw motors and the humble lead screw. The stepper motor is a motor designed to mechanically fix directly to the lead screw itself. We have motors in three different NEMA sizes, NEMA11, NEMA17 and NEMA23. We can offer the motor with or without encoder and we can also fully assemble the screw to the customer’s desired length, delivering a complete unit that can be assembled straight into the customer’s design.

Find the right lead screw for your application:

Power is in your hands

lead screw configurator

With the online lead screw configurator, you can go from concept to the completed lead screw in a matter of minutes. With the ability of adding machining on the lead screws, perfecting your ideal part for your application is easy. The tool generates the following:

  1. An instant price for a specially configured thread.
  2. A technical drawing available to download.
  3. A 3D model of the part is also generated.

No other manufacturers are offering this level of tool, for FREE!

If you have an application that requires a trapezoidal lead screw, try the dryspin® range and judge for yourself why it is seen to be superior to the trapezoidal.

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