What Applications Would You Use A Knife Edge Roller?

knife edge roller

The title is reflective to the type of questions we regularly get as a company surrounding our products. “Where would you use bearings?” or “what application do you find your products in?” With such a simple product such as a knife edge roller it might be better off starting with; What is a knife edge roller?

What is a knife edge roller?

Knife edge rollers can be overlooked and considered not to be essential within machines. These inconspicuous rollers can make applications exceed performance expectations! Made from the high-performance tribologically enhanced iglidur® materials, these rollers are designed to sit silently, undetected supporting the end of conveyor belts, forming a tight radius for the belt to run around

application for knife edge roller

The rollers have a small outer and inner diameter. They fit snuggly over a metal shaft and sit side by side forming one long roller. The standard range of these rollers come in 50mm or 70mm long starting from a 3mm id up to 10mm id. Without these rollers, industries such as food and packaging, which rely on smooth sliding motion, would struggle to keep the products on the conveyor running effortlessly. There would be more breakages as the momentum wouldn’t be as fluid, causing unbalancing of products. 

What are the benefits of using knife edge rollers?

These rollers don’t just provide a tight deflection radius. The lubricant and chemical free materials these are moulded in ensure no contamination of food/product within applications. Therefore providing a reliable solution for packaging and food industry applications. Selected iglidur® materials are FDA approved which allows customers to be confident when operating in a food environment.

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igus® polymers are renowned for having a self-lubricating element which is a unique feature. It not only makes changing these rollers less messy, it reduces costs and again concretes in customers minds the significance of having no contamination.

What other applications could you use knife edge rollers in?

The main industries and applications you may find these rollers in are food and packaging on conveyors however these can be used anywhere that you require a smooth edge. An edge which requires low co-efficient of friction and a smooth gliding surface. Industries such as medical, pharmaceutical and labelling all use these clever understated rollers. Which application could you use them in?

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