The igus® Chainflex® CASE – the Cost-effective & Innovative Storage Solution

Sometimes it is the simplest of things that create the biggest stir and this is certainly the situation with the new igus® chainflex® storage case.

This ingenious idea not only reduces costs in delivery and storage space, but with its integrated QR code system, it makes reordering so easy. Let me explain…..

Ship’ n store

It is being referred to as the igus® “ship’n store” solution and the versatile packaging idea is achieving savings on so many levels, as well as accomplishing environmental goals. Let’s look at some facts:

  1. It is 84% more cost-effective when shipping as no pallet is required.
  2. Manufactured from reusable materials it is part of the sustainability project that we have at igus®.
  3. Easy to reorder. Each chainflex® case has a QR code relevant for the cables supplied with the case, so for easy re-ordering, simply scan the QR code and it will load the repeat order into your basket on the website. Couldn’t be easier!
  4. Easy to store and unreel. Having it as a compact simple system allows unreeling to be done quickly and efficiently and the box can be stored anywhere! You can stack up to 3 boxes on top of each other.

One of the highlights of the box for a lot of people, is the environmental impact the packaging system has. The environmental footprint is reduced and the whole system becomes a lot leaner and more streamlined. This includes the drum inside the chainflex® box.


As mentioned earlier, being manufactured out of recyclable materials has a positive impact on the environment and this is vitally important for us as a company and for our customers.

Also, having a more compact storage and shipping method reduces shipping and handling costs. Ordinarily, the cost to ship large reels would have been high as they would have required palletising, however this new system allows the cables to be shipped on a standard shipment method.

It isn’t always the biggest or most elaborate products or ideas that are the most effective, but this method of storing, shipping and re-ordering is cost-effective, simple, easier and sustainable.

What more could customers need?

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