High-temperature cable insulation just got better!

The ambient temperature and electrical loads on the cables play an important role in the functionality and longevity of cables and connectors.

As you remember from your physics lessons at school, we all know that electricity and heat are related. This link is valid again and again when it comes to cables.

Consequences of high temperature

The goal is always the longest possible service life of a moving cable. There are many reasons for cables to become defective. One of these is the danger of heat or fire. Overloaded cables and defective electrical installation can result in too much electricity being conducted through a cable that is too weak. There are cores in the cable that heat up when current flows and if there is damage to the insulation this can cause a short circuit and catch fire. For this reason, a cable may only be operated with a given current level, and temperature range for the insulation

Also, in this context, the connector must also be considered more closely.

The connector for servo cables

M23 Power Connector

For servo cables with standard metal plugs, such as the M23 circular connector, heat is usually absorbed by the connector too. This radiates over the metal housing, making the  housing a heat sink,  giving off the heat to the outside.

However, the connectors – especially for hybrid cables or very compact drives – are becoming even smaller and very often now feature a plastic housing. The heat generated in the plug can no longer escape as well. As a result, the heat is transferred back to the cable via the conductor. This also increases the temperature of the cable.

Thermal image of the line connection

Improved wire insulation for higher temperatures

Cable manufacturers also have to adapt to these trends, in order to provide increasingly compact designs, operating safely under high loads. Therefore, in our test laboratory, new cable insulation was developed that works longer at higher temperatures and in this way offers more reserve.

This optimised cable insulation can be used on all supply cables for drive technology, such as motor, servo and hybrid cables.

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