How can the automotive industry be improved?

automotive industry

In the automotive industry it is no secret that the demands are exceptionally high for both precision and quality. So, can leadscrew technology be used in such a highly critical industry?  Is there a place for this technology, and if so, how can it benefit the industry?

As a motion plastics specialist, we at igus®, we are not only used to the specifications required by the automotive industry, but the igus® products prove themselves time and again in this demanding environment.

Here are few key challenges facing the automotive industry and how igus® dryspin can help:


There has always been and always will be competition, but with this ever-growing market and with greater consumer expectation, the competition is fiercer than ever before. Competition in technology, price, quality and efficiency, whilst maintaining sustainability, are all areas that allow products such as iglidur® plain bearings, drylin® linear slides and dryspin leadscrews to come into their own.

By switching from metal to a high-performance polymer solution, customers are not only saving money but are reducing weight and eliminating the requirement for lubrication.

With dryspin technology, the special patented high helix thread design was developed to offer advantages against conventional high helix threads. With higher efficiency, lower wear and by optimising this combination with the correct igus polymer nut, these products are being used more and more in the automotive industry. Eliminating lubrication is a massive advantage for this industry. The quiet operation, reducing weight and minimising wear all contribute to a better performing vehicle, noise reduction is especially important now that the world of quiet electrification is taking over.

Advancements in technology

This is a blessing and a curse. We live in a world where technology is moving faster all the time, so keeping up with the times is paramount. The automotive industry is no exception. With the likes of fast charging, increasingly more digital technology required for safety features and autonomous driving, there is a demand for high- end products offered as a cost saving.

leadscrew in the automotive industry

With the advantages of dryspin technology, the automotive industry is using these parts in areas such as actuators, fast charging points, spoilers and seat adjustments. Areas where installation space is a constraint or where uncomplicated integration into the vehicle assembly is required.


Another key element of working with the automotive industry is the requirement for flexibility. Many of the applications are niche and bespoke and with the leadscrew configurator allowing designers to specify the leadscrew, select the matching polymer nut and add any machining required, it allows the customer to be in control of their designs with very little constraints.

So back to the question, where can leadscrew technology be used in the automotive industry? Anywhere, yes. When you look at the design freedom, the multitude of material options and choosing igus® dryspin® products, the efficiency, the weight reduction and cost savings, it is an easy choice for the automotive industry.  

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