How is the igus® delta robot made?

Both delta robots are the same in every way, except for the size of their main parts. As the large robot is able to reach double the distance of the smaller one, its belt drive and aluminium rods are twice the length, producing a longer travel from the motors to the end plate.

The igus® delta robot is made up of three toothed belt drives, driven by three NEMA 23XL stepper motors, united with an aluminium end plate and supported by an aluminium frame and top plate. The carriages that travel along the belt drives are attached by twin aluminium rods, two for each carriage, to the polymer end rods located at the sides of the end plate. This ensures consistent and accurate communication between the belt and the end effector, as well as keeping the robot light and durable. The polyurethane belts are reinforced with steel to maintain strength and long-lasting properties.

One amazing thing about the igus® delta robot is that it is supplied not only as a pre-assembled machine ready to be incorporated into an automated system, but also in kit form for those companies wishing to save costs and assemble the robot themselves. When ordered in kit form, the delta robot arrives in three foam-packed boxes along with booklets and information sheets detailing the spare parts and a step-by-step guide for building the robot. How-to videos and images are located online to help you construct your igus® delta robot, the build video is found here and more images are on the website here.

For customers wishing to maintain brand continuity on their machinery, igus® can also supply electrical parts and control features with the delta robot. For cabling solutions, igus® will provide you with cables of the appropriate length for your application and cable management systems to connect the delta robot to its control panel. If not using their own control box, customers can also obtain as single parts: igus-produced stepper motors and motor drives (D1 dryves). We also offer a fully-integrated control panel to power the delta robot, with a PLC and power supplies dedicated to driving the delta robot. Links to the relevant contact are found at the bottom of this page.

The uniqueness of this robot is not only due to the belt driven axes, but also the enforcement of the motors to the top of the frame. As it is not necessary to carry the motors with every motion, the igus® delta robot is able to support up to a 5kg payload. What’s more, this robot can reach 60 picks per minute when working at maximum speed and can reach even more picks when vision and interpolated motion are added to the control system.

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