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Deciding to add the LiveChat feature onto the igus® website was an easy decision to make. The tool is proving to be fast-growing and cost-effective worldwide, and igus’® top priority is delivering excellent customer service and ensuring all customers are receiving ‘cost down and tech up’ products.  Some companies are yet to grasp the need for this tool and don’t seem to appreciate the benefits of having a LiveChat feature. This may be down to assuming the conventional methods like the phone and email are sufficient but is that really enough? So why is LiveChat a positive addition to the methods of how people communicate?

What benefits can the LiveChat feature bring to a business?

Improve customer service and improve customer satisfaction

The top benefit is providing a higher level of customer service. The whole design of the LiveChat function is to offer a tool that can be used for quick questions and quick responses. Having a rapid turnaround in such a fast-moving pace of life is crucial and is one of the main reasons that customers prefer to chat online over email. Research shows that being able to respond quickly to questions or queries equates to positive customer feedback.

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Another benefit of this feature is to have the ability to multitask, again essential now more than ever. If you can use a LiveChat tool, answer emails and take calls simultaneously, this makes both the customer and company more productive.

igus® strives to provide excellent customer service to their customers, it is pivotal for growth.

Increase sales whilst building customer relationships

Fundamentally, this tool is still a sales tool. If the customer is getting an instant response, whether it be when asking for a delivery time for a product or asking for a price, speed sells. It leaves an impression on the customer and customers remember speed and good customer service and consequently this should leave a lasting impression for return business.

Helping navigate the website

Websites can be confusing and sometimes trying to navigate through the various pages to buy a product can be a minefield. Having the chat function at the bottom of the screen, allows someone to help if the customer gets lost through the process. It is an extremely helpful tool as it allows fast and personal contact between igus® and the customer at any point on their website journey. If help is available throughout the entire shopping process, this can also reduce shopping cart abandonment significantly and increase sales.

Personal experience


Eva Marosi is the igus® LiveChat specialist in the UK. Here she describes her opinion on the chat feature.

“As an igus® LiveChat customer service agent myself, I have experienced all of the above first-hand. A lot of the people I speak to online now recognise my photo, my name and know that they can ask any question and a real person will provide them with instant support. There is a pattern with people using LiveChat and we have regulars that use it. It is quick and easy and convenient if you don’t have time to make calls.”

When is the chat not the ideal form of communication?

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Closeup of male hand dialing a phone number making a business or personal phone call.

As with all methods of communication, there are certain instances where LiveChat might not be the most effective form of communication. Instances where in-depth application information needs to be discussed or trying to relay an issue with a breakdown. In these scenarios, a physical or virtual visit or a phone call would be more effective to ensure all the information required is gathered.

The best use of the chat feature as mentioned is for quick questions such as: ‘Have you got this in stock?’, ‘Can you check the status of my order?’, or ‘Could you arrange for someone to contact me regarding this?” 

This form of chat is becoming a more utilised communication tool across the web and having a feature that is quick, easy to use and with a real person at the end is proving to be a popular choice with igus® customers.

Visit the website today and the igus® promise is it won’t be a robot at the other end of the chat, it will always be a person.  

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