igus® on the road…

At igus® UK we can offer you the opportunity for us to come to you.

Trade fairs can cost your company a lot of time and money , our engineers can come and visit but usually they will only speak to 1 or 2 people, which is great, but when you have a team of designers it means we don’t get to see everyone.

However, we could provide you with an in house show where we can speak to a large number of people during the course of a morning, afternoon or day (you decide)?

The benefits:

• You choose the right time!
• All employees at your company can find out what they need quickly and easily on your premises
• There is no cost to you for travel, accommodation and subsistence
• There are no time constraints whatsoever
• igus® innovations and specialities are presented for your company and for your applications
• Ample advice and expert discussions – everything is possible from advice about individual applications to general news and information
• Brief summary in a matter of minutes
• We are only too pleased to go deeper into a key area chosen by you
• Products to handle as well as samples and catalogues to take away

We provide many samples and giveaways, so employees can see for themselves the benefits of igus® products.

In 2016 we did 12 in a year, so far this year we have done 37 and already have another 26 booked! 90% of the shows we have already done have re-booked for next year or 2020 so email to book yours today.






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