Modular hybrid chain

We have developed our first plastic-steel hybrid energy chain for telescopic applications, such as cherry pickers, telehandlers and boom lifts. Compared to conventional steel energy chains which are sometimes used in these applications, the new YE.42 e-chain is half the weight. It also provides up to 10m unsupported travel, which is 50% more than for plastic energy chains.

“Previously, mobile machine builders relied on rigid steel chains, which are very difficult to assemble and must often be completely replaced if maintenance or repair work is required,” says Justin Leonard, director, the‑chain division, igus. “For machine operators and rental companies, servicing can therefore be costly – the YE.42 e-chain solves these problems.”

The hybrid e-chain is easy to install and maintain thanks to its modular design. It is easy to assemble without using screws, rivets or bolts – a clear advantage over steel energy chains, which may loosen under vibration. The load‑bearing links are made of steel to ensure high rigidity, while the pin-bore connections, outer plates and crossbars are made of high-performance plastic, which reduces the overall weight. The hinged crossbars enable cables and hoses to be installed and replaced quickly, without having to be dismantled.

We also offer a wide range of interior separators to protect the cables and hoses, prolonging service life. Currently available from stock with an internal height of 42mm and a width of 50-400mm and a bending radius of 100mm, the e-chain is available in other sizes upon request. It is also available as a preassembled readychain system with chainflex cables suitable for energy chains and tested, hydraulic components as well as hoses and hose fittings.

For more information about the new YE hybrid e-chain, please visit:

or call igus directly on: 01604 677240

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igus® UK set the scene at this years ABTT Show!

This week igus® UK attended the ABTT Theatre Show at Alexandra Palace in London where we showcased some of the newest products in our range that we have specifically developed for the theatre and stage industry.

Our main focus was our NEW 21m e-spool cable management system for applications such as lighting beams and sound systems. This alternative to traditional reeling drums allows lighting technicians to mix services such as power, audio, bus and even fluids by allowing many different cable and hose types to work together in the same system.

Our other stand highlights this year were chainflex® cables, PRT slewing rings, drylin® W, lift band, zig-zag cable management and tribo tape.

We also launched igus® Virtual Reality.

The igus® ‘VR’ experience will be available at all our shows throughout the year where you will have the opportunity to be instantly transported to our head office in Cologne.



PPMA 2018

At this years PPMA show from the 25th – 27th of September (stand H114), we will be showcasing an array of cost-effective and maintenance free solutions for the packaging industry. We provide packaging machinery designers and builders with over 100,000 products that have been developed specifically for the tight demands of the industry.

igus® UK MD Matthew Aldridge says, “Manufacturers of packaging machinery rely upon high-performance components especially where products are packaged quickly. Machinery has to be designed and manufactured within strict rules and regulations, whilst minimising associated costs; in order to do this we offer individual components as well as complete systems for drive technology.”

The policy for food hygiene has been defined by the standards of the US and European regulators. Within igus® all the ‘food grade’ products are manufactured in blue to make them easily identifiable.

Throughout the show the igus® team with be available on our stand to talk you through our latest product innovations, they’ll be product demos including our NEW drylin® Delta robot, and you can discover the benefits of igus® products for potential applications for your bearing products and cable management systems.

To arrange an appointment on stand H114, please email Hannah Durrant: and for further information on our solutions for the food industry, please visit:

‘Let’s get this show on the Road’

igus® UK has been on the road a lot recently with the igus® truck in tow.

We have provided numerous companies with an igus® in-house show where our technical specialists are on hand to speak to all members of the working team and offer catalogues, samples and discuss the benefits of using igus® products.

You say when, there are no time constraints, ample advice and expert discussions given, product demos, catalogues, samples and all this at absolutely no cost to you.


For more information on our in-house shows or to request that the igus® truck comes and visits you please email


Low cost automation with igus®


The Video above Shows a perfect application for our idea of low-cost-automation made easy with igus® components (here: robolink® Joint plus igus® driven linear system).

A winding unit for the production of BLDC motors. This unit was built by Commonplace Robotics and it will be used for the production of motors for our robotic joint prototypes.

igus® on the road…

At igus® UK we can offer you the opportunity for us to come to you.

Trade fairs can cost your company a lot of time and money , our engineers can come and visit but usually they will only speak to 1 or 2 people, which is great, but when you have a team of designers it means we don’t get to see everyone.

However, we could provide you with an in house show where we can speak to a large number of people during the course of a morning, afternoon or day (you decide)?

The benefits:

• You choose the right time!
• All employees at your company can find out what they need quickly and easily on your premises
• There is no cost to you for travel, accommodation and subsistence
• There are no time constraints whatsoever
• igus® innovations and specialities are presented for your company and for your applications
• Ample advice and expert discussions – everything is possible from advice about individual applications to general news and information
• Brief summary in a matter of minutes
• We are only too pleased to go deeper into a key area chosen by you
• Products to handle as well as samples and catalogues to take away

We provide many samples and giveaways, so employees can see for themselves the benefits of igus® products.

In 2016 we did 12 in a year, so far this year we have done 37 and already have another 26 booked! 90% of the shows we have already done have re-booked for next year or 2020 so email to book yours today.





robolink® NEWS at Hannover 2018!

Visit us at Hannover Show 2018 (23.4.18 to 27.4.18) on stand H04 in Hall 16 where we will be presenting 3 new product ranges:
◾robolink® DCi: the robolink® Standard Joint arms with INTEGRATED CPR control in 2 Versions (4 or 5 DOF),
◾robolink® apiro: a new Joint concept with more modularity as before (shown as protype units in operation)
◾robolink® rebel: something totally different from us, different motors and integrated electronics.

Come and visit the stand to see LIVE product demonstrations!