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A picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth a thousand pictures, but nothing beats the live show!  We have always tried to “be there” for customers, and as the world changes, we all have to change with it.  This means new additional ways of communicating and meeting, essential if we are to continue to work on technical improvements and cost down programmes in manufacturing.

The situation is changing daily and we are continually having to adapt to suit the challenges we are faced with. The majority of the UK is currently working from home, technology has never played such a vital role in keeping the world turning.

igus® has always strived to ensure that we have a strong physical presence on the road, supporting customers all over the country and we want to continue with this even in the current situation.

We have a variety of channels that we can utilise to ensure we are helping support you in every capacity, and now we offer virtual visits for situations where we cannot meet on-site.

So, how can we help?

Through platforms such as Microsoft teams, zoom, chat and webinars, we can provide digital consultations and interactive presentations from anywhere in the world. A virtual visit can include the following:

  • Assembly tips: We can help if you are having issues with assembling any products. We can see where the problem lies and show you how to rectify it.
  • Looking at your machines on site: using a mobile device, we can still get up close and personal to the machines and see any issues. We can then offer potential solutions to the problems.
  • Discussing drawings: by sharing screens, we can walk through points on your drawings and the CAD system together.
  • Clarification in relation to products: we have access to lots of tools to highlight how igus® products work.

We still have igus® product specialists available through telephone, email and other traditional communication channels should you prefer. The igus® virtual visits are proving very popular and still allow the face to face contact that we have grown accustomed to.

Our aim is to ensure that people have support at this time, to know that we are here if help is needed and that we can continue to provide the usual igus® engineering collaboration, knowledge and experience.

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