The qualifications and experience that apprentices obtain will no doubt play a huge role in the growth of igus®

We really value our apprentices at igus and we will continue to work with providers to increase our number of apprentices and vary the schemes we can offer. 4% of our workforce are now apprentices and we would like this number to increase in the future. We currently offer apprenticeships in engineering, finance, business administration and customer service. We will continue to develop our apprentices and in the future we hope to identify other areas of our business which would benefit from an apprenticeship.

Our apprentices enjoy working at igus because of our family feel and culture. We have many employees who stay at igus for a long time so they support our apprentices with a vast amount of knowledge and expertise. We have a balanced workforce which has a mixture of young and mature employees and the apprentices fit well into this environment. We offer a modern, clean, newly extended building as a workplace for apprentices, and as with everyone at igus, they also have breakfast, lunch, and snacks for free on site. igus has many social activities and team building events throughout the year which apprentices can attend.

We encourage our apprentices to be responsible for their own development, this fits with the self-management ethos at igus. Apprentices have a sponsor in our i-people department who supports them with their well-being and who acts as the link between the workplace and providers. We encourage providers to visit their apprentices on site often and we ask for regular feedback from both the apprentice and provider on how we can get the best results from all parties.

We currently have two apprentices who have made a real impact at igus. One of them has almost completed a higher level apprenticeship alongside a HNC in engineering and the other is taking his final exams for AAT level 3 and will then move onto level 4 AAT. The qualifications and experience that these two apprentices have obtained will no doubt play a huge role in the growth of igus. We are very excited about what the future holds with our apprentices and how their contribution will add value to the long term vision of igus.


Unique energy chain applications wanted as vector award goes into the sixth round

We are still looking for innovative energy supply solutions for numerous applications, from handling energy and data safely on the arm of an industrial robot to an outdoor camera system that films high-speed track events without interruption and vibration.

“Even today, new and unusual applications are still being developed, often with fast speeds or complicated rotary movements,” says Justin Leonard, the-chain director, igus. “The competition also provides a unique opportunity for us to know the full capability of our products.”

The winners will be selected by an expert jury and the prize will be awarded at Hannover Fair 2018. The winners of the top prize will take home the golden vector trophy as well as 5,000 euros. The competition is open to anyone who has novel or challenging applications with energy chains, irrespective of what branch of industry they come from.

Apply online ( with your energy supply solution!

Deadline for entries is 23rd February 2018.

Our tried and tested bearing products and cable management systems at Subsea Expo

We will be displaying a vast range of products and systems for Subsea applications at this year’s Subsea Expo on the 7th – 9th February at Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference centre. If you visit our stand (105) you will get to see our giant E4 energy chain that can withstand exposure to ice, storms, salt water, oil, and mud. It can bear heavy loads and features an easy to remove cross bar so cables and hoses can be added or replaced quickly. The E4.350 is also suitable for vertical applications, and can move nearly 15 m up and down guiding and protecting any heavy hydraulic hoses and cables.

Along with cable management systems, we will be showcasing drylin® W linear guide system, which is ideal for Subsea environments. Its available in 316 stainless steel, the guide system is corrosion resistant and can also withstand extreme temperatures as high as 250 degrees. Additional features include low noise and weight, as well as resistance to the ingress of dirt. It can be delivered pre-assembled for easy installation.

Throughout the show, our team will be available on stand 105 to take visitors through the benefits and potential applications of their bearing products and cable management systems. To arrange an appointment, please email Hannah Durrant: and for further information, please visit: or call igus directly on 01604 677240.



We officially announce our newly expanded workspace as OPEN!

Last week we formally opened our newly-expanded premises. Our engineering support facility has almost doubled in size from 672sqm to 1,000sqm with the creation of a new upper floor that accommodates our growing sales and technical team. Our expansion comes a year after we celebrated 25 years of igus® within the UK.

We would like to thank to Deputy Mayor Councilor Tony Ansell for cutting the ribbon and we would like to share some images from the day with you.


igus® is made for offshore

We have returned to Aberdeen for Offshore Europe where we are showcasing our vast range of offshore solutions.

On our stand (5A21) we will be exhibiting our giant cable carrier, primarily developed for demanding applications on offshore oil-drilling platforms the carrier can withstand exposure to ice, wind, storms, salt water, oil and drilling mud.

E4 energy chains can also bear heavy loads and have easy-to-remove crossbars so cables and hoses can be replaced rapidly. The E4.350 can move nearly 15 m up and down, which guarantees any hydraulic hoses and cables are protected and guided.

Along with cable management systems we are showcasing the drylin® W linear guide system, which is ideal for harsh environments such as underwater or where chemicals are present. Available in 316 stainless steel the drylin® W is corrosion resistant in arduous environments; the guide system can also withstand extreme temperatures uo to 250 degrees C. Additional features include low noise and weight, as well as resistance to dirt.

The iglidur® X bearing material, also on show, is not just resistant to dirt, it is also chemical and petrochemical resistant. This material is ideal for use in pumps, replacing the traditional PTFE-coated bearings that can, in certain circumstances, contaminate the fuel or damage the shaft, ensuring a longer service life.

Throughout the show, our igus® UK team will be available on stand 5A21 to talk you through your bearing product and cable management system needs.

To arrange an appointment, please email Hannah Durrant: and for further information, please visit: or call igus directly on 01604 677240.

igus® now offers a lightweight aluminium support tray for use with energy chains in corrosive environments

The structure of the aluminium support trays consists of two side plates, equipped with damping profile and a sliding bar, this guarantees quiet, low-wear running of the energy chain. The e-chain can also be connected quickly and efficiently by using the plastic fixed end modules.

Because of its modular design, the system can be adapted easily to fit almost all standard sizes of igus® e-chains. The width can be adjusted using the supplied mounting kit with C-profiles. The aluminium support tray together with matching e-chain and (harnessed) cables are available to order as a complete system, ready for immediate installation and use.

For more information, please visit

Camper van expansion with igus® linear technology

Custom-Bus Camping Vans based at Langenhagen, Germany customises camper vans, RVs, motor homes and can now turn Volkswagen T6 vans into offices.

One of their customer built models contains a kitchen box. The handle-free system has sink, stove extractor, freezer compartment and storage space and weighs about 35 kg. The ‘Business’ version replaces the kitchen with an office system that weighs around 15 kg and contains everything a mobile office needs. However their is a special feature: each box moves via a sliding unit integrated in the furniture and removed easily.

In the search for suitable sliding elements, Craig Kammeyer assessed many linear systems. “They have to be lubricated,” explains Craig Kammeyer. “Over time dirt will stick to the lubricant, which would impair the smoothness of the sliding system. In addition, these systems are expensive and do not fit well into the filigree construction of the interior. igus® drylin® W linear systems solve all these problems.”

Between the rail, which is made of hard anodised aluminium, and the carriage there is a bearing surface of abrasion-resistant iglidur® plastic, which provides excellent results in terms of friction and wear. Solid dry lubricants are incorporated within in the material. This means that the bearings provide the long-term, maintenance-free dry operation and meets the required service life of at least 15 years.

From high load to high temperature: individual parts from 50 iglidur® materials available within 2-5 days

With custom-made 3D-printed injection moulding tools, igus® offers designers a new possibility to produce self-lubricating and maintenance-free parts and small batches. Engineers can now choose from the entire range of 50 iglidur® high-performance plastics, including specialists for high load, food contact, underwater or high temperature applications, with delivery within 5 days of order.

Injection-moulded, 3D-printed or machined from bar stock – the motion plastics specialist igus® offers engineers a wide range of possibilities to obtain their self-lubricating parts, such as gears or plain bearings quickly and cost-effectively. igus® also offers the possibility to solve difficult technical challenges quickly by means of a 3D-printed mould – and now with all tried and tested iglidur® materials.

“Since the production of injection moulds made of steel is comparatively expensive, takes longer and is only feasible in the production of large quantities, special tribo solutions can be produced with a printed mould within 2 to 5 days with up to 80 percent cost savings in production and further, even small quantities can be produced,” says Robert Dumayne, dry-tech® director, igus. “A new process for the production of printed injection moulding tools now allows igus to make even more precise and long-lasting products.”

The material selection of the moulded part determines the material and the manufacturing process of the printed mould. “From an availability of 50 tribologically optimised and online configurable iglidur® materials, designers are free to choose the right material for their special part,” continues Dumayne. “For example, iglidur® G is an all-rounder, whereas iglidur® X is for long-term application temperatures of up to 250°C.”

Depending on the material chosen for injection moulding, the mould is either SLA or SLS printed and then used immediately in the injection-moulding machine. Thus, parts are ready for shipment within a few days. The material structure of the printed injection mould ensures that it can withstand the high temperatures during injection moulding, which means that one mould can produce prototypes and small batches up to 500 pieces cost-effectively and quickly.

“The production of special tribo-parts by means of printed injection moulding tools is particularly advantageous if the desired material cannot be processed in the 3D printer or when the parts are used for a test that is intended to simulate as close as possible conditions for a later mass production,” explains Dumayne. “We have moulded over 2,000 moving parts already, using printed injection moulding tools.”

For more information, please contact igus on or call igus directly on 01604 677240.

Find the right bearing fit with new igus® Fit Calculator app

igus® Fit Calculator is a new app for iOS and Android that enables engineers to calculate dimensions and tolerances for bearings according to ISO 286. The app, which can be easily found and downloaded from the smartphone’s or tablet’s app store, is very simple to use and requires no registration.

By selecting the nominal bearing size (between 0.01 and 500mm) and required tolerance grades for the housing bore and shaft, the igus® Fit Calculator app calculates the dimensions and tolerances instantly. The maximum and minimum dimensions and the associated type of fit (clearance or interference fit) are also provided.

A key benefit of this streamlined app is that it can be used offline, which is particularly useful when working in closed machine or safety zones. In addition, users can swap the units at any time between metric and imperial systems.

Detailed help regarding the calculations of the tolerance field is provided, as well as direct contact with an igus bearing specialist. For more information, please visit: or call igus directly on 01604 677240.