Our very own Laura Stavciuc wins a brand-new award!

A more personal blog from igus® to acknowledge a wonderful achievement by a member of our very own customer support team, Laura Stavciuc! Laura was nominated a few weeks ago for a new award, run by Brackmills Business Improvement District (BID), which is local to the UK head office in Northampton, and she won!

The ABCD, ‘Above & Beyond the Call of Duty’ award was designed to highlight individuals that have shown commitment, innovation, persistence and have gone above and beyond in their job role for their company.

Laura epitomises everything that this award stands for. Here’s why…

At the beginning of the 2020 coronavirus lockdown, it was clear that igus® would have to remain open. This was non-negotiable due to being a key manufacturer, so whilst most of the igus® team packed up their desks and said farewell to the office, others were having to adapt to the new conditions required to remain and continue to work in the factory.

There were many changes! One immediate one, which became crucial, was the need to rearrange vacant rooms to suit urgent requirements outside normal day to day working for igus®. The main meeting room was re-utilised as a face shield assembly line and the canteen was repurposed into a stock holding facility. This was to help the national effort to get urgent PPE supplies to the NHS and care workers.

igus® worked with the National 3D Printing Society and assembled hundreds of face shields every day, this had to be done in addition to the everyday work being done at igus® and Laura stepped up, volunteering her time.  

Her day to day role is in customer support here in Northampton, so as well as that, she took on the challenge of leading the face shield project. As the demand decreased in the UK, Laura realised that other countries, such as her home country Moldova, also had an urgent need, so she organised sending thousands abroad to countries who were desperate for PPE in the fight against COVID-19.

Her commitment has ensured that thousands of people worldwide had the vital protection they needed to fight against COVID-19. All this whilst doing her day to day job.

It’s thanks to Laura’s hard work, dedication and persistence that she has been recognised for and won this award, and her commitment makes everyone who works at igus® immensely proud to work with her!

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