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Innovation is a word that strongly represents igus® and its products. The mentality of pushing boundaries and stretching goals, ensuring that all new and existing products are being designed and performing to their full potential consumes every igus® employee.  Questions like: “How can these products help the customer?” and, “How can this product improve the customer’s application?” are continually discussed at every stage of the manufacturing process, and it is because of that mindset that, as a company, we are constantly trying to adapt and improve other areas of the business; as well as the products.

One of the biggest and most challenging things we have been faced with this year, is updating the website! This was never going to be a quick fix, after all the website is so vast and full of products, built over many years, that time and planning are crucial!

One area that we have been adapting is the shopping experience for customers. Everything is moving quite rapidly into the digital age and making the shopping experience easier for customers was a priority.

A small but monumental asset for igus®

One of the first steps was to introduce PayPal as a payment method!

Now, I don’t know about you, but I use PayPal daily. It’s quick, easy, convenient and safe; all paramount considerations when introducing anything money related onto a website. This secure and encrypted platform ensures that data is highly protected, and this has been achieved thanks to it being stored on a non-internet connected server (admittedly, I didn’t know that!).

PayPal deploys security tools such as data encryption and anti-fraud technology to curb the risk of data fraud and to keep user data as secure as possible. This is common with most major online financial services providers, but there is something reassuring about the blue and white logo!

This additional digital payment platform has allowed customers to place orders safely and securely where ordinarily, they would have had to enter their credit card details onto the site.  Of course, if preferred, any customer can still choose to pay directly by credit card, proforma or via an existing igus® credit account.

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