Recycle plastic energy chains with igus®

recycle plastic energy chains

Everyone is aware of the term “recycling” and hopefully most of you reading this blog do it! But how many of you are aware, that at igus® we can recycle plastic energy chains? And not just igus® energy chains! ANY energy chains!!

The chainge programme

We launched the “chainge” programme a few years ago, piloting it at our headquarters in Germany.  But recently, the UK has been trying to do things more independently. As a company we wanted to contribute towards the worldwide reduction of plastic waste and by recycling plastics that we produce, we could do just that. 

chainge recycle programme

Looking at a local company was mainly down to the carbon footprint that sending chains back to Germany created, so we decided to venture out and investigate if we could partner up with a UK local recycling firm.

We were lucky enough to find such a firm! This has allowed us to take smaller volumes of energy chains and have them recycled into plastic granules, which can be manufactured into other things. Things such as automotive trim components.

Read more about igus® and sustainability here:

But how does it work?

Every energy chain eventually comes to the end of its life! Even an igus® energy chain and rather than dispose of it into landfill, we accept the chain back in a clean condition. We then send it to our local recycling plant. Here they will separate the plastics and ensure that each plastic is properly re-granulated into recycled plastics and is given a new lease of life!

Why should I recycle plastic chains, what‘s in it for me?

igus voucher

Now, I am sure that as a human with a conscience, you will look at a scheme like this and see all the benefits that it brings. Benefits such as reducing industrial waste in landfill, recycling something of no use and creating something new and useful. Helping us as a race to improve the waste crisis we are faced with, is one of the most important issues of the century.

But, if this is not enough of an incentive, igus® will give you a voucher for the returned energy chain.  It is calculated based on weight and there are a few stipulations to this:

  1. The chain must be cleaned and by cleaned we mean dirt to be removed with a high-pressure cleaner. If it has been submerged in oil, then we cannot recycle it.  
  2. Weigh the energy chain and complete this form
  3. Package the chain up and send it back to us.
  4. Once we receive the chain and we have checked it conforms to the requirements, we will raise a voucher for the value agreed and email it to you to use on future orders.

It is that simple. For the sake of a few minutes of cleaning the energy chain and packaging it up, not only have you been kind to the planet by reducing the landfill volume, you have made some money back from a product you were going to throw in the bin.

Please help igus® recycle plastic chains and give them renewed lives. Help contribute towards making the planet cleaner and remember, we accept ALL manufacturers energy chains, not just igus® ones.


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