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Welcome to our virtual exhibition! Every year igus® releases hundreds of new products at the Hannover show in Germany. This year is the same, however the way these products are being introduced to the world is quite different. Cologne, the home of the igus® headquarters now houses a physical virtual exhibition stand covering more than 400m². It is available for virtual visits with igus® colleagues available for personal advice. All from the comfort of your home office.

As usual, igus® is showcasing new products from all product groups, from advances in the Smart Plastics range to new additions to the bar stock family.

Here is a sneak preview of a few products that have been released this week:

drylin® polymer telescopic rail NTP27

These are the first ever drylin® guides made completely from polymer! Based on the lightweight material, these rails are easy to install, adaptable due to the low height and thanks to the colour selection, are versatile and suitable for a multitude of applications.

autoglide 5-energy and data transmission

This new system would be ideal for automatic warehouses. It has been designed to be fitted incredibly quickly and is cost-effective, approx. 40% cheaper than a standard e-chain system with cables and trough.  

The principle is the steel cable that keeps the energy chain on track without need for a trough. The funnel shape cut out on the crossbars link with the braided steel rope, ensuring surface connection at all times. The system is bolted to the floor, where the steel cable is unrolled and tensioned, allowing the e-chain to be laid down. It would be ideal for applications with a requirement for long travel systems.

Adding more flexibility to your robots

igus® robolink is ever developing and with the newest addition of the axis 7 has increased the flexibility for applications.  The drylin® ZLW-20 toothed belt axis is ideally suited as a wide flat linear drive. igus® are offering these in kit form. Adapter kits are now available for the direct connection of robots, robolink DCi  as well as Universal Robots with UR CAP integration. Alternatively, the 7th axis can be delivered ready for installation, either with or without an adapter kit.

Single Pair Ethernet (SPE)

The Single Pair Ethernet is a bus cable which offers a uniform, space saving and cost-effective product. Data transmission is delivered via one pair of copper wires and still enables both data transmission via Ethernet and simultaneous power supply. This leads to a reduction of the diameter by approximately 25% compared to an ordinary Ethernet cable. These reductions are also mirrored in the cost, with a reduction of 20% in comparison to the four-paired CAT5e cables.  

Times are changing and we are all adapting and evolving. igus® is here for our customers, to offer technical support and help to ensure that companies get through these challenging times.

We hope you enjoy the igus® 2020 exhibition! 

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